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Leading esports and gaming organisation, S8UL announced the onboarding of top three gaming creators, Sunny Jha, Adil Maniar, and Arpit Wadhawan to spearhead the GTA RP (Grand Theft Auto Role-Play) roster. This strategic move will not only strengthen S8UL’s hold in promoting GTA RP; prioritising role-play, collaboration, and narrative-driven interactions among players and also revolutionising the multiplayer experience of “Grand Theft Auto V” and fostering the growth of the Grand Theft Auto Role-Play community in India.

GosuGamers, a premier media platform for gaming and esports, today announces the launch of its official Telegram channel dedicated to Dota 2, one of the world’s leading esports titles. This strategic expansion into Telegram will enhance the esports experience of Dota 2 fans worldwide by providing them with real-time updates, in-depth analyses, and exclusive content through a seamless and interactive platform.

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