My goal is to win as many tournaments as possible: Esports athlete Simar Sethi

Interview with Indian esports athlete Simar Sethi
Simar Sethi is currently playing for Gods Reign
Simar Sethi is currently playing for Gods Reign

Simar “psy” Sethi is an Indian esports athlete who is currently playing for Gods Reign. He has previously played for teams such as Noble India, XTZ Esports, Samurai Esports, M42 Esports and True Rippers Esports. The 24 year old had a successful 2022, finishing first in four different events and is currently participating in the esportz premier league.

In this exclusive interview, Simar Sethi speaks about his experience at Gods Reign, special achievements, current gaming rig, expectations from esportz premier league, overcoming challenges and his future goals.

Q 1) How has your experience been at Gods Reign so far? What motivated you to switch teams?

My experience at Gods Reign has been amazing so far. I won’t lie, I was hesitant at first to join the team because I didn’t know much about what I was getting into but I’m super happy that I made the right decision and joined a perfect organisation that prioritises players over anything else.

Q 2) Gods Reign had a successful 2022, winning each of their last four tournaments. Which achievement from 2022 has been the most special for you and why?

We played 3 tournaments so far under the banner of Gods Reign and won 2 of them. I believe I still have much to accomplish so I can’t pinpoint one specific achievement in my career.

Q 3) What is your current gaming rig?

I use Amd Ryzen 5800x, RTX 3070, 16GB ram DDR4, X570 Motherboard, 750 Watt power supply and plenty of fans for the cooling.

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Q 4) What are your expectations from the esportz premier league?

Our goal is to win the LAN and get the trophy home. We had a lot of ups and downs regarding our roster, but I feel pretty confident.

Q 5) What are some of the biggest challenges that you have faced as a Valorant esports athlete in India?

The 2021/22 year was full of ups and downs for me as I faced a lot of hate which I didn’t deserve, but it’s fine. It motivated me as a player and a person to grow and adapt to various situations in my life. I’m just going to keep working hard like always and I won’t stop until I get my glory back.

Q 6) What are your short and long term goals for the future? How do you plan to achieve them?

My current goals are to win as many tournaments as i can, reach 100k on Youtube, educate people about esports and to motivate the young talents to nurture and grow as a player so they can be the best in the upcoming years and make our country proud.


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