Pawan Singh gets elected on judges committee of ISSF for third successive time

Pune, Jan 28 (PTI) Pawan Singh, joint-secretary general of the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI), has been re-elected as the member of the judges committee of the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF).

The Pune-based Singh has now been elected on the seven-member committee for a third consecutive time. The elections for the committee took place on January 24 at Munich.

ISSF president Luciano Rossi stated in her message to Singh, “You have been elected by the ISSF Council in its meeting dated January 24, 2023 as a member of the ISSF Judges Committee for 2023/2024. Congratulations.

“On behalf of the ISSF, I thank you in advance for your readiness and your dedication to contribute to the promotion of the Olympic sport.” “I am extremely proud and honoured on my re-election to the ISSF judges committee. I am thankful to the members for their goodwill and support,” said Singh on his re-election.

He was also congratulated by the office-bearers of the Asian Shooting Confederation (ASC).

“Your election is an affirmation of the excellent contribution you have made to the shooting sport. We assure you of our full support and cooperation,” ASC president Salman AlSabah and ASC secretary general Eng. Duaij AlOtaibi said.

The judges committee consists of chairman and seven members. It is responsible for the uniform application of the shooting rules, provides guidelines for the international judges, prepares and conducts courses for judges and jury members, approves applications for judges license and proposes juries to the executive committee for championships and games.

The committee meets at least once a year and reports to the administrative council of the ISSF.

ISSF judges committee: Briez Ghislaine – Chairman, Johasson Patrick – Member, Michael Christian – Member, Pawan Singh – Member, Xenofontos Kostakis – Member, Cleofas Maria Marcia – Member, Huang Lan – Member and Tegoni Nicola – Member.

Source: PTI News


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