Extreme E teams up with Kärcher as the Official Cleaning Partner.

According to a press release by Extreme E, the innovative electric off-road racing series today announced ‘Kärcher’ as the Official Cleaning Supplier for the Championship. Germany’s Kärcher is well known around the world for its professional and domestic cleaning equipment and now it will collaborate with Extreme E to make sure its fleet of ODYSSEY 21 electric SUVs are kept in perfect condition at each of this year’s five X Prixs, along with maintaining the interior neatness of the championship’s floating wonder, the St. Helena. It will host the series’ vehicles, 50 crew members along with its on-board laboratory that also accommodates a variety of scientists. Cleaning stations will be established on a temporary basis at each of the competition’s courses in order to keep the cars clean during X Prixs, initialising with the series opener in the deserts of Saudi Arabia in a few weeks’ span. The Kärcher equipment makes sure that no environmental damage takes place, reiterating with Extreme E’s objective to ‘race without a trace’ at each of its distant locations this year that includes Brazil, Patagonia, Greenland, Senegal and Saudi Arabia. Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme E, said: “We are delighted that Kärcher has come on board as Extreme E’s cleaning supplier. The company shares the same ethos as us in terms of environmental wellbeing and promoting everyday solutions for our planet, and we certainly believe it’s vital for us all to acknowledge that.” Christian May, Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief Sales Officer at Kärcher said: “We are very proud to support Extreme E as Official Cleaning Supplier working together to draw attention to the consequences of climate change.” “At its core, Kärcher stands for preserving values. This idea has completely convinced us: Driving all-electric SUVs in mixed teams in places that are highly endangered by climate change in order to draw attention to this problem and similar ones.” she added. After the opening race in Saudi Arabia on 3-4 April, Extreme E will travel to Senegal, Greenland, Brazil and Patagonia. By scheduling races in locations that are facing severe environmental crises, the goal is to raise the audience’s knowledge and interest regarding environmental issues. In an attempt to minimize the championship’s carbon footprint, the motorsport event will also feature an exclusive viewing format, as races will take place without spectators and broadcasted as two-hour programs . Based on the brand claim, Kärcher has come up with the motto ‘Be the difference’ as it aims to serve as a benchmark for sustainability within the domestic and professional cleaning market. The global firm is on a quest for its production to be entirely carbon-neutral till the end of 2021, just like Extreme E.


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