Red Bull F1 team’s criticism of Mercedes is not coming from a “serious competitor”

Helmut Marko of Red Bull has stated that recent comments made by Mercedes against his team are unimportant because he does not consider the team's Formula 1 competition to be a "serious competitor."
Red Bull

(Motorsports news) Due to Red Bull’s dominance in the current F1 season, the competition has been scrutinizing the team’s performance as well as how Max Verstappen’s form compares with time. Verstappen’s streak of victories may not have been as difficult to achieve without a strong teammate challenge as Hamilton said, which sparked a lot of discussion on social media.

Additionally, Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes, sparked significant debate following the Italian Grand Prix when he downplayed the significance of Verstappen’s record-breaking 10th consecutive victory, stating it was something that only Wikipedia would understand. Red Bull’s motorsport advisor Helmut Marko said he wasn’t concerned by Mercedes’ statements because they revealed more about the German manufacturer’s mindset than they did about individual drivers.

“This is the difference between Mercedes and Red Bull,” he said. Red Bull focuses on the team to maximize its performance, and as long as Mercedes isn’t a real threat to us, we don’t worry about them. Red Bull just considers its own work. We try our best, but unlike them, we don’t make up these kinds of tales.

After Verstappen said the Mercedes team was having trouble accepting defeat after years at the top of Formula 1, Marko made his comments about the team. He had added, “I think it’s very difficult for Mercedes to deal with losing,” during the Italian Grand Prix. That’s the issue you run into after you’ve been successful for so long, of course.

Nevertheless, you must also be practical at the end of the day. If winning isn’t possible, then it’s not possible. You must be able to recognize and respect the efforts made by other teams. During the years when Mercedes reigned, we did that. We simply told ourselves at the time, “We have to work harder,’ since we were simply inferior to them at the time.

In the end, you just have to focus on yourself since that is the only thing you can affect. “You can keep saying that the things we are achieving at the moment are not that special, or at least that is probably what they think.”

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