McLaren discloses a modification in livery for Singapore

McLaren has unveiled the third modification to its Formula 1 livery for the 2023 season, displaying the modified color scheme it will use at the upcoming races in Singapore and Japan.

(Motorsports news) Starting with this weekend’s Singapore event and produced in conjunction with team sponsor OKX, McLaren has significantly upended its usual livery, with a mostly black design instead highlighted with the orange that usually makes up the majority of its car’s colours. McLaren says it is also making the change to continue its celebration of 2023’s 60th anniversary of the team’s founding as Bruce McLaren Motor Racing in 1963. 

Previously, McLaren ran a ‘Triple Crown’ colour scheme at the Monaco and Spanish races in tribute to the success of its cars in the 1974 Indianapolis 500, 1984 Monaco GP (a race the team has won on 14 other occasions after that first triumph) and 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours. At the British GP, McLaren raced a modified version of its standard livery to emphasize Google Chrome, another one of its sponsors.

According to McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown, “Our partnership with OKX continues to grow, and it’s fantastic to celebrate it with this incredible livery.” “Stealth Mode,” as McLaren refers to its most recent livery modification, “flips the colors of our race vehicle, adding something fresh and interesting to these two outstanding events in Singapore and Japan. The fan zone is a great opportunity for fans to interact with our team, and we hope they enjoy it as much as we do.

“OKX is a committed supporter of McLaren’s endeavor, and in turn we’re proud to bring our partnership to life on the track through the global platform of Formula 1,” the company said. Williams is also planning to update its livery as part of a sponsorship deal with the Gulf oil giant, so McLaren is not the only team considering a significant livery change for the upcoming races.

Williams will maintain its temporary design change for Japan and then use it for the race in Qatar the following year. This change was first announced in July after a fan vote on various options using the well-known Gulf colors for the idea McLaren itself ran with at the 2021 Monaco GP when it had the sponsor’s patronage.

The sporting regulations for the championship cover F1 car liveries and modifications to them. In accordance with Article 9.1.b of the FIA’s F1 sporting regulations, “both cars entered by a competitor must be presented in substantially the same livery at every competition, and any significant change to this livery during a championship may only be made with the agreement of the FIA and the Commercial Rights Holder.”

Additionally, it has been revealed that another concept previously employed by McLaren would shortly make its formal appearance on AlphaTauri’s automobiles. After Red Bull decided not to sell the Faenza-based team but to change its identity instead, AlphaTauri is scheduled to follow suit starting in 2024. The team will likely have a new name and will be more closely associated with the primary Red Bull team.

AlphaTauri claimed that it has been covertly testing the DOOH panels on its AT04 vehicles at 2023 events prior to the Singapore race.

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