F1 veteran who has scored more points than AlphaTauri is praised by Krack

Mike Krack, the head of Aston Martin Formula 1, has lauded team sporting director Andy Stevenson's expertise after he gained more points in 2023 by himself than AlphaTauri.

(Motorsports news) Andy Stevenson has given Aston Martin five points this season, with Fernando Alonso moving up one spot in each case (reclaiming third in Jeddah and moving up to fifth in Austria). AlphaTauri, who is now last in the constructors’ standings after 14 rounds, only receives three points. When given the AlphaTauri comparison, Krack specifically mentioned Stevenson’s experience in his interview.

The Silverstone team’s mainstay is 55-year-old Stevenson. Early in the 1990s, Stevenson joined the team and worked his way up to chief mechanic until taking on his current position in 2005. He oversees Aston Martin’s interactions with the FIA as sporting director. In spite of the ridiculous 1200+ examples of track-limits violations, he assembled successful protests this year to overturn Fernando Alonso’s pitstop penalty in Saudi Arabia and revise the Austrian Grand Prix race outcome.

The problem is that you need guys like Andy. “It demonstrates once more the value of experience since, first of all, he recalls numerous situations. “And after that, he recalls the consequences of many situations. He can mentor his coworkers if you have someone like that.

He remembers a lot of them, so take a look at Alpine or Ferrari. “We have a highly structured routine at home. But Andy is the source of the impulse. Stevenson provided seven examples of teams serving pit stop penalties in Saudi Arabia who were not penalized for having jacks touch the car in those instances. The stewards decided to reverse Alonso’s 10-second race penalty for a related offense after considering this precedence.

In response to that specific incident, Krack said: “Usually, teams have to prepare for such situations. “Since you only have 30 minutes to protest, and then you only have a brief window of time to present evidence after the protest is admitted, you need to be ready for any situations that may occur and be able to react quickly.

“So, when necessary, it’s a matter of utilising the experience and all the available facts. It’s too late if you start to wonder, ‘Oh, when did we have this last time?’ in such a circumstance. So, preparedness is required. Every team has a sizable mission control operation room at home with personnel concentrating on various areas. All of the information is being prepared by the support site.

Basically, there is a predetermined process. What is the circumstance? Do we already have examples, or not? If so, what exactly are they? Then, someone is responsible for giving them as soon as possible. Sincerity be damned, it’s fairly straightforward.

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