Mercedes: Marketing issues are delaying Hamilton’s F1 contract

Lewis Hamilton's new Formula 1 contract has been delayed, according to Mercedes, primarily because of ancillary issues like marketing obligations.

(Motorsports news) Ahead of the Italian Grand Prix, the German manufacturer and the seven-time world champion put an end to months of rumors when they said they would remain partners at least through the end of 2025. Earlier in the year, there had been some hope of resolving the new pact, but the matter dragged on. The delay even contributed to rumors that Hamilton would leave Mercedes or even stay in Formula 1.

However, throughout the conversation, both parties stated that the deal’s main components had been put in place fairly fast and that the paperwork’s final phases took a long time because lawyers were engaged. After the transaction was ultimately finalized, Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff stated that it took only a little longer to resolve minor issues like marketing, than it did with previous deals.

“I think Lewis and I, we were clear on the major terms in June, July,” said Wolff. “And after that, everything was going smoothly until summer break. “In the end, the things that required a little time were stuff about Mercedes marketing, not really the huge significant problems. Although our lawyers are clearly excellent, it can sometimes take time.

Hamilton is one of the most popular figures in Formula 1 despite not having won a race since 2021, and he is confident that Mercedes can help him return to the top. F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, who believes it is excellent news for the championship because the Briton has such a diverse following, has hailed his continued dedication to grand prix racing.

Lewis’ choice, in my opinion, is excellent, remarked Domenicali. “He is a terrific driver, and I think his only goal today is to win his eighth world championship. “I’m sure he feels in excellent shape, he has a lot of faith in the club, and it’s nice to know he’s there from a sports perspective. Additionally, Lewis has been able to bridge two quite distinct universes, which is unquestionably good news for Formula 1 as a whole.

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