AIBA President Kremlev emphasises commitment towards fairness and transparency in meeting with referees and judges

According to a press release by AIBA, Umar Kremlev, the President of AIBA held a meeting with the judges and referees who have served at the Youth World Boxing Championships held at Kielce in Poland.

unnamed-2 AIBA President Kremlev emphasises commitment towards fairness and transparency in meeting with referees and judges

President Kremlev accentuated AIBA’s commitment towards ensuring fairness and transparency in Judgement in boxing.

"Thank you for your good work at the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships."

"We are an independent organisation and we have an independent Board of Directors, Committees, Referee & Judges Committee," President Kremlev said during the meeting.

Kremlev also said that the Committee of Referees & Judges will establish special criteria to select the finest judges, who will take part in the most prestigious and high-profile Championships . The AIBA President  noted that the work of the Committees will never have interference from the Board of Directors , each of them will do their own work independently.

Kremlev informed the judges and referees that AIBA has solved the issue pertaining to its debts. ‘'We have serious sponsors, one of the largest is PJSC Gazprom. The plan is to attract more than 100 million dollars during the next two years. This will allow AIBA to support all boxers, coaches and sports officials, and ensure that all educational courses remain free of charge.

"We need to be one united team with joint views striving for a better future of boxing. 

‘'Think about boxers, as they are the most important people in our sport. Honest judging is the main principle for us in AIBA. Let’s cooperate as one big boxing family for a better tomorrow", President Kremlev added.

The meeting was also attended by the Chair of the Referees & Judges Committee, Christopher Mark Roberts, and he underlined that the prime objective for his team is making the sport of boxing transparent.

"I would like to thank all of you for your great job at the Championships. We have gathered the best referees and judges in the world today. Our committee has been formed and we have many things to work on together. We are planning new courses, including International Technical Official (ITO) courses. We must look at the future development of ITO. Online and offline workshops and special audit processes are already planned. We are working on the creation of a new database. We need to think about the development of professional instructors and staff. Anyone who would like to become an ITO should approach us," Mr Roberts said.

Dragoljub Radovic, Technical Delegate of the tournament added, '‘I am happy and satisfied with the judging at this Championships, with all the decisions made, it was a demonstration of great professionalism. We worked as a united team. Thanks for everything you've done.''


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