Boxing welcomed as a part of sports program by Krakow 2023

According to a press release by AIBA, Umar Kremlev, the President of AIBA and Secretary General István Kovács visited the National Olympic Committee in Warsaw to hold an official meeting with President Andrzej Kraśnicki. 

unnamed-1 Boxing welcomed as a part of sports program by Krakow 2023

President Kremlev extended gratitude to the NOC of Poland for their support in hosting the 2021 AIBA Youth World Championships held in Kielce. 

‘We are grateful to the Polish NOC for support in organising the AIBA Youth World Championships, which have been taking place here in Poland. Despite all possible difficulties in view of the pandemic, we made it possible to conduct such an important competition for our young generation of athletes.’ Mr. Kremlev claimed.

‘Boxing is an important sport for Poland, and Polish Olympic Committee is happy to support its development in our country. We monitor all the efforts AIBA leadership is undertaking to change and we already clearly see many positive issues in this process.’ Andrzej Kraśnicki said. 

‘We know the Polish NOC has undertaken a huge piece of work to serve athletes with 2023 European Games in Krakow. We are very grateful to the whole Krakow team for welcoming boxing as a part of the sports program 2023. AIBA fully supports the efforts of the European Boxing Confederation to organize the competitions’, Mr. President added. 

The AIBA President and Secretary General István Kovács also highlighted that AIBA will put in as much effort as it can to make sure the success of the event from full support of the Polish Boxing Federation in working towards strengthening a solid home team till promotion of the tournaments.


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