Who ought to be on Team USA’s Olympic roster in 2024?

Since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Team USA has dominated Olympic basketball, capturing four straight gold medals. There is a ton of skill available. It will be difficult to make cuts.

(Basketball news) Since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Team USA has dominated Olympic basketball, capturing four straight gold medals. When putting together the USA’s dream team for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, it is simple to understand why. There is a ton of skill available with the USA. It will be difficult to make cuts.

There are only 12 available places in the USA’s squad. Usually, a young prospect gets one of those spots. In 2020, Keldon Johnson received it. That place is left from the list below to make it simpler.


It’s crucial to have players who can stretch the floor with shooting when they don’t have the ball in their hands since this team will have a lot of offensive firepower. The abolition of illegal defense restrictions also increased the amount of zone in international competition, making the capacity to shoot across zones even more crucial.

Talented young players like Ja Morant and De’Aaron Fox were left off this list because to the importance of shooting, but some of the other names on this list benefited from it. The four guards who were chosen are listed below.

Stephen Curry

Except for one, Curry has accomplished every single individual and team goal in his career. He has never been in the Olympics and won a gold medal. Could he win one for his nation by teaming up with Steve Kerr?

It goes without saying that Curry belongs on this roster. He is the best shooter in the world, and any league could use his skills.

Damian Lillard

With the Trail Blazers, Lillard had his finest offensive season to date, averaging 32.2 points and 7.3 assists. The league’s top two deep 3-point shooting threats are him and Curry. It would be entertaining to watch them alternately bomb away from 30 feet.

Lillard’s passing prowess is also underappreciated. He is an excellent facilitator who yet has the ability to penetrate defenses.

Anthony Edwards

Edwards’ outstanding performance at the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup earned him a seat on this squad. He was the greatest player on the team and had a tendency to control games with his ability to create shots.

Although he still makes mistakes off the ball, he has developed into a terrific point of attack defender.

Devin Booker

Booker is one of the league’s top shooters and a better defender. He helped Team USA win the gold medal in Tokyo, gaining Olympic experience.


The position to choose at on this roster was forward. Jimmy Butler was most likely the most difficult omission overall. Butler, however, receives the first ax since shooting is scarce on this squad, just like it is at the guard positions.

The players chosen have a strong feel and are proven winners.

Kevin Durant

One of the top five NBA players is still Durant. Given the size issues that Team USA experienced during the FIBA World Cup, his length would be a major benefit on this team.

LeBron James

James would be the group’s senior citizen at the age of 39. He skipped the last two cycles despite participating in the Olympics in 2004, 2008, and 2012 and winning two gold medals.

His passing and leadership are needed on this team. It’s unlikely that he will accept an invitation, but he might come back.

Jayson Tatum

Although it was during the COVID pandemic, Tatum had already won a gold medal in Tokyo. He has stated that he wants to play once more so that he can fully enjoy the Olympics. He is the kind of two-way player who blends in wherever.

Paul George

For the final forward position, George, Butler, and Kawhi Leonard competed. George ultimately receives the nod due to how simple it is for him to fit into this team.

Given George’s stature and Kerr’s preference for switch-heavy tactics, he can cover a variety of spots. He is a fantastic two-way player who is efficient without the ball in his hands.

Other Big Names:

Anthony Davis

One of the NBA’s top defenders is Anthony Davis. He has the ability to switch on the perimeter and lock down the paint entirely.

With USA big men who can run the floor effectively, foreign teams have truly struggled. Because Davis plays in Kerr’s preferred manner of play, he is a fantastic match for this team.

Draymond Green

Green must join Curry on this team if Curry is to play. In the NBA, those two work together most effectively.

Green continues to be a fantastic player in his own right. One of the world’s most intelligent defenders, he can carry out the grunt work for his squad.

Brook Lopez

Physical bigs have been a major challenge for Team USA. Lopez offers Kerr at least one enormous body, which she needs.

Due to his influence when he’s close to the rim, he makes a terrific defender for international play. There might not be a better shot blocker to choose from if we did not have to worry about the defensive three-second rule.

Bam Adebayo

Adebayo offers Team USA tremendous versatility, allowing it to fill any lineup gaps that might exist.

He can participate in a number of defensive strategies and offensive roles. For the abundance of offensive threats around him, he is a good playmaker.

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