Norris elaborates on how the modern F1 vehicles exacerbate back problems

Lando Norris, a Formula 1 driver for McLaren, has spoken up about his back problems, which last season placed him in "constant pain" and are currently a work in progress.

(Motorsports news) According to Norris, he was in “constant pain” at last year’s McLaren and had to put in a lot more effort with the team and his trainer to be better in time for this year. I have to stretch before every session in the morning and the evening. If I don’t, my back always gives me a lot more trouble,” Norris claimed.

F1 transitioned to ground-effect-based vehicles last year, which are incredibly stiffly built to produce the most downforce. The unforeseen consequence of that setup was that most cars porpoised, with drivers violently bouncing on the straights. The low-ride heights have generally made the cars significantly less comfortable to drive, with more forces being passed to the drivers’ backs, even without the widely publicized bouncing effect.

“It goes beyond racing. Simply put, it’s something I’ve had to work on in general. However, some of the changes made to the vehicle during the past couple of years have undoubtedly not helped. “I was having a lot of trouble sleeping and dealing with things last year, and I was just in constant discomfort, Norris added.

“I believe that many things have already been implemented, such as the new seats I have previously created. The previous year was worse than the current year. Norris claims his recurrent problems have also restricted his ability to train. Even routine pursuits like track strolls have been curtailed, and Norris has been forced to curtail his golf outings.

“Instead of focusing solely on improving the seat and hoping that the car will automatically get better over time, I need to take other steps if I want it to improve. It won’t actually happen. “I’m restricting more stuff than before. Due to my back, I’m playing a lot less golf and doing more rehabilitation. I have to put in more effort and pay a price for some activities, like playing golf or certain sports.

“Even track walks, as soon as I do one, I suffer a lot, so I’ve had to reduce them. Little things like this have helped me a lot to struggle less. Now I’m in a lot better place. In other words, I too would want to play more golf! I still can’t do all I want to since my back hurts even when I run and cycle.

The team is still keeping an eye on the problem, which team manager Andrea Stella described as a “work in progress,” but he acknowledged there is only so much the team can do to improve the seating arrangement. Stella continued, “We are monitoring this situation closely with Norris. Some of the solutions will need to come from his own knowledge of what his body needs in terms of conditioning and how he should sit in the automobile to feel comfortable and prevent these kinds of problems.

We have quite a few controllable factors on our end, but we still need to figure out exactly where to focus our attention, so it’s still a work in progress. Regarding the seating arrangement and degree of uprightness, the plan is unchanged. Thanks to Lando’s efforts and his lifestyle adaption, which I know must be excruciating for such a devoted golfer, we are sort of expecting that this will gradually get better on its own.

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