Norris: My driving style doesn’t fit the faster McLaren F1 car

Despite the Formula 1 McLaren MCL60's better form following a recent package of modifications, Lando Norris claims that the vehicle still doesn't fit his driving style.

(Motorsports news) After releasing the first component of its planned upgrade package during the Austrian GP, the team has made significant progress with its car. Norris has later placed second in both the British and Hungarian GPs thanks to the improvements. Norris, along with teammate Oscar Piastri, maintains that the manner the car must be driven still doesn’t fit with their individual driving styles.

When asked what he needed for the car to fit him, Norris responded, “It’s not just my liking, it’s also Oscar’s because we have pretty similar comments.” “Same as last year, we had a lot of similar comments every day and every weekend, even while Daniel Ricciardo was driving. “It’s hard to put into words. You can only drive in one direction. However, it’s also a reason why I don’t want to drive or enjoy driving.

“I don’t like operating the vehicle in the manner in which I currently must. It doesn’t seem at all to be a strength of mine. “I want to be able to ‘U’ a corner and maintain a minimum speed. Furthermore, ‘U’-ing a corner is the last action I can take in the world right now. More than ever, I have to “V” the corner, and I’ve never been a great admirer of doing that. And I don’t really like it.

Norris added that the car’s braking is one of its strengths when discussing the advantages of the present package. Basically, Norris added, the car simply like traveling straight. “I mean, it doesn’t even move quickly when traveling straight! But we’re quite adept at braking in a straight line, which is why we were occasionally so quick in the rain. We’re quick in the wet when braking is crucial, like at Monaco, but I wouldn’t say we’re quick in the wet generally. It increases tire temperature and inspires confidence.

“That’s when we’re quick, but when it’s wet, we’re not really quick in the corners. Thus, there are some things that enable us to compete. “But it’s just to have the flexibility to drive in different ways and do different lines. We must always drive in a particular way, regardless of the wind, the weather, the fuel load, or tyre wear. And I’ve got to adjust to it even if it’s not a method I now like. As a driver, I still have a lot of adjusting to do, and the automobile I want to be able to drive is far away.

While conceding that other teams face comparable challenges, Norris pointed out that the car’s slow-speed turns are not a strength. I don’t think it’s specifically [us], he remarked, because many remarks I am aware of from other individuals are somewhat similar.

“However, we’re one of the slowest cars in the corners at slow speeds, and it’s also for these reasons; they’re just not quite as bad. It’s just a problem area that we haven’t really addressed all that well over the past five years. We have never said, “Wow, the slow speed is strong, let’s work on the high speed,” at any stage. While conceding that other teams face comparable challenges, Norris pointed out that the car’s slow-speed turns are not a strength.

It has always performed well at high speeds and poorly at low speeds. But generally speaking, it’s quite challenging to combine with these tires because of the way you have to drive them. They don’t want to turn; instead, they prefer to travel practically straight forward. “So you kind of have to make the car a little bit around this,” the mechanic said. “But the better you make the car, the less stress you can put on the tyres and things like that.”

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