Mahajan, Snehal are national pickleball champions

Fatorda (Goa), May 24 (PTI) Kuldip Mahajan of Maharashtra won the men’s singles title, while Divyanshu Kataria (Rajasthan) and Sonukumar (Jharkhand) won the silver and bronze medals respectively in the third National Ranking Pickleball Tournament.

Maharashtra made a clean sweep in the women’s singles with Snehal Patil, Vrushali Thakare and Urvi Abhyanka claiming the gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. Snehal went on to bag a double crown when she clinched the Under-19 mixed doubles with Aditya Singh in the tournament that concluded on Sunday.

Keen to promote the sport, Goa chief minister Dr Pramod Sawant said the state has the potential to become an “international hub” for pickleball.

“I believe Goa has the potential to become not just a national hub, but also an international hub for pickleball. Let’s work towards promoting and developing this exciting sport in our beautiful State,” Dr Sawant said.

Pickleball is a sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. It is played with a paddle and plastic ball with holes in a badminton-sized court.

Other Winners Open men’s doubles: Mayur Patil & Yuvi Ruia; Open Mixed Doubles: Armaan Bhatia & Isha Lakhani; Under-14 Boys Doubles: Aditya Singh and Arjun Singh; U-14 Mixed Doubles: Aditya Singh and Anjali Pol; U-19 Boys Doubles: Anush Popli and Stavya Bhasin; U-19 Mixed Doubles: Aditya Singh and Snehal Patil; Above-35 Men’s Singles: Marius Pereira; Above-35 Men’s Doubles: Sandeep Tawde and Yashodhan Deshmukh; Above-35 Mixed Doubles: Vishal Jadhav and Chitra Chettiyar; Above-50 Men’s Doubles: Sandeep Tawde and Thakurdas Rohira; Above-50 Mixed Doubles: Thakurdas Rohira (Mah) And Denise Burchette.

Source: PTI News


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