Every angle of the controversial no ball and the reaction that followed

(Cricket news) In the IPL match between Delhi Capitals and Rajasthan Royals, DC needed 36 off 12 balls to win. Prasidh Krishna bowled an incredible wicket maiden meaning that RR had to defend 36 runs of the last 6 balls. Powell hit 3 consecutive sixes, the 3rd of which was a waist high full toss and wasn't given as a no ball. The batters demanded a no ball and the DC bench became agitated. After the umpire didn't signal a no ball, DC captain Rishabh Pant looked to be signalling to his players to walk off the ground before being stopped by assistant coach Shane Watson. Coach Pravin Amre then walked on the field to speak to the umpires but the decision didn't change and RR ended up winning the match.

The ball should have definitely been called a no ball as it was comfortably above waist height. A no ball would've changed the game and DC may have won it. IPL rules clearly state that the umpire can't review a waist high no ball unless a wicket falls. The reaction from the Delhi Capitals camp was a little over the top and didn't showcase the spirit of cricket. Coach Ricky Ponting missed the game due to a covid scare and had he been there things could be different. Skipper Rishabh Pant after the game said "We made a mistake as well, entering into the ground but it happens in these heat moments". The commentators and experts were visibly upset at the reaction of the DC camp. 

Delhi's assistant coach Shane Watson said "It is very disappointing about what happened in the last over – Delhi Capitals don’t not stand for what happened in the end. Whether it is right or not, we have to accept it. Someone running out on the field is not good". While the reactions are being called wrong and rightly so, the umpiring definitely needs to be better. In this day and age of technology where every single little thing is confirmed with the T.V umpire, a no ball at such a tight situation definitely deserves to be looked at. Rishabh Pant and Pravin Amre were fined their entire match fee while Shardul Thakur was fined 50% of his match fee. In addition Amre was also banned for 1 match.

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