Samuel Eto’o is under investigation for suspected “improper conduct”

Eto'o is facing an inquiry by the sport's governing body in Africa following complaints from "multiple Cameroonian football stakeholder"

(Football News)Samuel Eto’o is currently the subject of an investigation by the Confederation of African Football over alleged instances of “improper conduct.” Eto’o, renowned for his previous roles with Barcelona and Inter Milan, secured a four-year term through election in December 2021. However, the initial excitement surrounding his reforms has now been overshadowed by claims of favoritism and unmet financial commitments to clubs.

The governing body for the sport in Africa acknowledged that “various Cameroonian football stakeholders” have raised concerns and declared its intent to scrutinize specific accusations of “improper conduct” involving Eto’o.

While CAF classified these allegations as “significant,” it also emphasized that Eto’o is considered “innocent until proven otherwise by an appropriate judicial body.” Eto’o’s legal representative, Elame Bonny, stated on Thursday that his client was taken aback by CAF’s actions, as there was no prior communication regarding these allegations. Bonny further characterized CAF’s response as “hasty, detrimental, and detrimental,” and issued a warning of potential legal measures.

The Cameroonian soccer federation shared Bonny’s letter on their social media platforms, highlighting its “urgent” nature. In Cameroon, inquiries have emerged regarding the 42-year-old Samuel’s ambassadorial position with a sports betting enterprise. Concerns have been raised by at least one club to the Cameroonian federation regarding the agreement’s compliance with the institution’s regulations.

The history of Cameroonian soccer has been marred by numerous challenges. Prior to Samuel’s presidency, the national league was beset by government intervention, corruption allegations, and unfulfilled commitments from soccer officials.

Between 1998 and 2014, Eto’o represented Cameroon in four editions of the World Cup.

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