Alpine will make ‘significant’ F1 upgrades before the summer break

Otmar Szafnauer, the head of Alpine Formula 1, claims that the Enstone team is preparing a "significant" upgrade package before the summer break, including a new floor for the Spa

(Motorsports news) In order to make up lost position in the constructors’ championship over the course of the upcoming races, Alpine boss, Otmar Szafnauer also wants the team to continue its push to introduce new components to the circuit. Despite a new front wing installed at the British GP showing some promise, Alpine has fallen down the standings in the last two races after a good run that included a third place in Monaco.

The Alpine’s cars were close to finishing in the bottom ten at Silverstone, but Esteban Ocon’s hydraulic pump failed, forcing him to halt, while Pierre Gasly’s collision-related suspension damage forced him to retire. The team has dropped behind McLaren and is now sixth in the standings.As more components are added over the course of the following two events, it is hoped that the new front wing—specifically, the floor—will be optimized.

Alpine’s renovations this year have been successful, and there will be another big one before the break, according to Otmar Szafnauer. “I’m hoping that will also be helpful since that sort of thing happens when relative competitiveness swings. So yeah, I’m excited for our next conversation. Hungary has undergone some improvement, but not much. Then, a floor in a spa. In light of the fact that everything is additive, I believe we will succeed.

Otmar Szafnauer emphasized that the Alpine team still has room to add new components to the track in the upcoming months while staying within the cost restriction. “From a cost cap perspective, we have the headroom,” he declared. “From an ATR [aerodynamic testing limitations] viewpoint, that’s where we need to assess how much of a compromise the ’24 car vs the ’23 car represents. 

And deciding what to do after that will need making a strategic choice. However, as we sit here, the ’23 car continues to receive the most of our attention rather than the ’24 car.” Given that there are no regulation changes for 2024, Szafnauer emphasized that he preferred to keep enhancements coming to the existing Alpine car. Work for the upcoming season might thus be applied early if it made sense to fast-track the parts to the circuit. I personally am always in favor of updating the car as much as is practical, he declared. “What we gain from that most recent improvement will be key. How much showmanship is possible with it?

“And you can’t respond until you’ve repeatedly used the CFD and aero processes to do experiments and see what you discover. Once you are aware of the arrival date of such improvements, decide. “As a result, unless you have experienced those loops, it is very difficult to foresee. However, I’m fully in favor of more advancements.

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