World Cup: Gujarat CA creates half-a-dozen mini-ICUs for spectators in case of medical emergency

Ahmedabad, Oct 3 (PTI) Indian cricket fan have always got a raw deal from the establishment but Gujarat Cricket Association is showing some serious intent to make it a pleasant experience for the paying public by creating half a dozen medical kiosk with six mini ICUs inside the Narendra Modi Stadium for any kind of emergency.

Add to it, 3000 police personnel and 600 members of private security will man the stadium premised and the adjoining perimeter during the opening World Cup match between England and New Zealand.

It must be mentioned that the Motera Stadium will attract a capacity 132,000 people during the high profile India vs Pakistan game on October 14.

“We have tried to create the best experience for everyone as per the standards and guidelines from the ICC and the BCCI,” Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) secretary Anil Patel shared with

Source: PTI News


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