Williams “won’t really stand a chance” in the upcoming F1 races

Prior to races in which Williams "won't really stand a chance," Alex Albon praised his seventh-place finish at Monza as a "good step" toward seventh in the Formula 1 constructors' championship.

(Motorsports news) In the Italian Grand Prix, the low-drag Williams performed admirably on the quick straights as predicted. Albon annoyed Lando Norris of McLaren by retaining seventh place until the end thanks to his car’s higher top speed. It is the most recent in a streak of successful outcomes for Williams, which began the second half of the season tied with Haas but has since nearly doubled its point total in only two races to easily go 10 points ahead in eighth.

Williams now appears to be in a good position to hold both Alfa Romeo and the struggling Haas team until the end of the season after Alfa Romeo only managed one point at Monza thanks to Valtteri Bottas’ tenth-place finish.

Albon then issued a warning, saying the Williams FW45 still lacks downforce and that this will make the team “not really going to stand a chance” in some of the forthcoming races. He said, “I think it’s a positive step. “I am concerned about races on tracks like Brazil. But I think the situation has improved.

Williams needed that, as I don’t believe we’ll have much of a chance in the upcoming races until Vegas. “A good points finish here was what we needed,” the team said. “Not to say that we’re gonna take our foot off the pedal.” The recent advancements achieved by Williams, especially with the significant aerodynamic improvement it unveiled at the Canadian Grand Prix, have probably made some of the future races easier than the Grove team had anticipated at the beginning of the year.

Even though the team believes the windy conditions overstated the car’s actual pace, Albon’s eighth-place finish at the Dutch Grand Prix on the winding Zandvoort circuit serves as a case in point. When asked if he agreed that the upcoming races, which include those in Singapore, Japan, and Qatar, might not be as unpleasant as anticipated, Albon responded, “Exactly. Definitely not. We still have disadvantages, such as our poor downforce, I believe.

“We are doing better than last year, but we really struggle, especially when the track becomes heated and the degradation is high. “And on a track that should have suited us, we battled in this race. We might have gone extremely fast if the track had been 20 degrees cooler. Still, there is work to be done. We now travel to Asia, where it is hot, and then to America, where it is also rather hot.

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