West Ham United wins 3-0 over Everton in the Premier League Next Generation Cup

In their last match of the Premier League Next Generation Cup, West Ham United FC defeated Everton FC 3-0 thanks to three goals in the closing 15 minutes
Players in action during league matches of the Next Generation 2023 Cup between West Ham United and Everton at Reliance corporate park at Ghansoli, in Navi Mumbai on 25th May 2023 Photo: Ankur Salvi / Focus Sports/ NGPL

(Football news) Both Premier League sides chased the first goal for over an hour before the Hammers took the lead in the 62nd minute when Gideon Kodua matched a cross from the left. Lauris Coggin’s team then displayed perfect attacking football, charging Everton from all sides into their own penalty area.

West Ham spent most of the game breaking through the middle of the Everton defence. However, he sent side passes into the penalty area from both sides and succeeded. The Hammers hit the net three times with a combination of low crosses and air crosses, ensuring they had more midfielders and forwards within 18 yards than Everton’s players. 

Minutes after Kodua’s opening goal, West Ham star Ollie Scarles broke into the box and delivered a short pass to team-mate Regan Clayton. The ball was returned to Skarls, who effortlessly past Everton substitute Brad Moonan and flicked past goalkeeper Seb Jensen to give his team their second goal of the night.

Not surprisingly, the Toffees closed the gap late in the game and began pushing players forward to potentially equalise. However, this only allowed West Ham to take advantage of more open spaces within their defence. Kodua and Scarles formed some excellent passing patterns up front, with Clayton providing good support in the cross. Everton’s relentless search for goals ended in failure as they were well constrained in their own half by the West Ham unit. The Hammers clearly found their game and didn’t back down, as evidenced by the fact that they pushed eight players close to the box for a corner in injury time.

The extra players acted as decoys, with Kodua jumping the highest, dropping the ball and shoving it into the net to give the team their third goal of the night and help them end the season in victory. 

Brief Scores

West Ham United FC 3 (Gideon Kodua 62’ 72’, Ollie Scarles 65’) – 0 Everton FC

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