Jorge Vilda, the coach of Spain’s women’s soccer team, has been dismissed following a controversy surrounding a kissing incident

Vilda, following allegations of a non-consensual kiss during the World Cup victory celebration two weeks ago, has now terminated his contract

(Football News)The decision to terminate Jorge Vilda, the coach of Spain’s World Cup-winning women’s team, by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) comes in the wake of a highly publicized controversy. This controversy revolved around a kiss on the lips that RFEF President Luis Rubiales gave to player Jenni Hermoso. This revelation was made by a source intimately connected to the situation on a Tuesday.

The situation escalated when FIFA suspended RFEF President Luis Rubiales due to allegations of a non-consensual kiss that took place during the World Cup victory celebration just two weeks ago. Subsequently, a newly formed board, brought into existence following Rubiales’ suspension, made the decision to terminate Jorge Vilda’s coaching contract.

This scandal surrounding Rubiales and the associated kiss incident has swiftly evolved into a nationwide conversation about women’s rights and issues related to sexist behavior within the realm of football. Jorge Vilda, previously seen as a close ally of Rubiales, had been under scrutiny for quite some time. The controversy began to take shape in the preceding year when 15 players took the extraordinary step of staging a mutiny, calling for Vilda’s resignation. Their demands stemmed from what they perceived as inadequate coaching methods and a fervent plea for equal treatment akin to their male counterparts in the national squad.

While certain aspects of the players’ demands were addressed, the aftermath resulted in most of them being excluded from the squad. Danae Boronat, a prominent sports presenter who conducted in-depth interviews with some of Spain’s leading female footballers for her book titled “Don’t Call Them Girls, Call Them Footballers,” shed light on the situation. She revealed that players had accused Jorge Vilda of excessive micromanagement, even going so far as to instruct senior players on what to say during media interviews.

Initially, both Jorge Vilda and Luis de La Fuente, the manager of the men’s national team, publicly voiced their support for Luis Rubiales when he adamantly refused to resign on August 25th. However, as the controversy continued to unfold, they eventually issued statements condemning Rubiales’ behavior.

In essence, the termination of Jorge Vilda’s coaching role reflects the broader societal debate on women’s rights and gender equality, which has become intertwined with the world of football and its governance.

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