Verstappen “razor sharp” deserved to be the record setter

According to Christian Horner of Red Bull, a "razor sharp" Max Verstappen "definitely meant something" when he achieved a new Formula One record with 10 straight victories.

(Motorsports news) Since teammate Sergio Perez’s victory in Baku, Verstappen has been unbeaten and rewriting history with the dominating RB19. His victory at the Italian Grand Prix last weekend was his 10th straight triumph, breaking the record he previously shared with Sebastian Vettel and Alberto Ascari, while Red Bull’s string of 15 victories is also unheard of.

Verstappen frequently downplays the importance of his accomplishments and claims he isn’t very obsessed about setting records. However, behind the scenes, his team believes that the usually unflappable Dutchman actually gave the victory record more thought than he appeared to.

“I wouldn’t say he was nervous, but you could see his focus was razor-sharp and more so than normal. It was clear that it had personal significance for him, according to team president Horner. It was “quite outstanding” to have a 1-2 finish and for Max to hold the record for the most consecutive F1 victories with 10 triumphs.

Before the race, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko did experience some anxiety with Verstappen since it was “important” to secure the record amid a remarkably successful season. This winning run is significant to Max, Marko remarked. “This is great for Max, but for me personally, achieving our team’s 100th victory was even more special than this.

“Max was a little anxious to break this record here as well; I think it was really significant to him. “Now that he has it, I believe that is a little more relaxing for the upcoming races.” Toto Wolff, Horner’s Mercedes colleague, responded indifferently to Verstappen’s victory record, saying that it “is for Wikipedia and nobody reads that anyway.”

It came after remarks by Lewis Hamilton disparaging Verstappen’s teammates’ strength in comparison to his own. However, Horner claimed he was eager to put a recent escalation of his competition with Wolff behind him and wanted to concentrate on Red Bull’s own accomplishments.

I don’t want to get pulled into making a statement on that, he said. “Max is driving at a level that is extraordinary, and I don’t believe anyone in the world could beat Max Verstappen in this vehicle right now, that much is certain.

“I believe you must acknowledge and commend what Max is doing right now; we shouldn’t take away in any way from that. It’s a “golden moment” for him and unquestionably a “golden moment” for the club because such things are quite uncommon in sports.

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