Verstappen plans to launch his own GT3 squad in 2025

Max Verstappen, the reigning Red Bull Formula 1 World Champion, has announced that he is assembling a GT3 squad with the intention of competing at the top level of endurance racing.

(Motorsports news) The Dutchman and his family intend to form a two-car GT3 squad under Racing that might take part in leagues like the GT World Challenge (GTWC) starting in 2025. Verstappen stated in an interview with the Dutch magazine Formula 1 that “it all started with Team Redline in sim racing.” Racing is funding and assisting a number of racing endeavors by individuals close to me. With Thierry Vermeulen [the son of Verstappen’s manager Raymond Vermeulen] and my father in rallying, we are also working in DTM and the GTWC Sprint, but the ultimate goal is to assemble our own race team. 

“Our own GT3 team is the first step, and from there, we’ll see where things go. Being able to get to the top level in endurance racing would be excellent. “We are currently working on it. The next year will be challenging, but I want it as quickly as possible. It should be able to field a GT3 squad in 2025 with a minimum of two vehicles. Verstappen, an avid sim racer, says he is just as ambitious as a team owner as he is as a Formula 1 racer. He hopes to build a platform that can recruit outstanding sim racers and train them for a future in GT racing.

“I want to do things correctly if I do them. I also want to succeed with this. And it’s about building a bridge from sim racing to GT3 so that you don’t just have to enter motorsports through karting, which is now very expensive. We’ve been putting effort into it for a long. Planning is completed, and now it’s time to go to work. After his F1 career, Verstappen had stated he would be interested in transferring to endurance racing, with the GT class at the Le Mans 24 Hours moving to GT3 vehicles in 2018. 

But it’s still unclear when the Dutchman, who is cruising to a third straight F1 world championship this year, will arrive at Le Mans and whether his 2008 LMP2-winning father Jos will join him. Verstappen stated at the conclusion of the previous season, “I am not in a hurry. In endurance racing, “a lot of things are changing, and it’s better to wait and see how everything turns out.”

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