Understand my game lot better and that’s how I handle pressure: Miller

New Delhi, Jun 7 (Cricket News) The intensity is still the same as it was more than a decade ago, when he made his debut, but what has changed for David Miller is his ability to "understand the game a lot better" and handle pressure with consummate ease.

Miller is enjoying every bit of his new-found star status after playing a pivotal role in Gujarat Titans' IPL triumph with 481 runs. More importantly, he won at least four games in a finisher's role.

"Scoring the amount of runs I did, closing out couple of games is something I looked forward to before the start of IPL. Batting in the middle order, you do want to finish off games. So it was nice to tick that box," Miller said on the eve of South Africa's five-match T20I series against India.

In the past, the lack of consistency has been Miller's bane despite his voluminous talent, but he feels that he hasn't tweaked his game much. But it's the understanding that has made the difference.

"I wouldn't say I have done anything different. Being around long time now, one grows and matures in role I play for so many years, I understand my game a lot better," he said.

"I still get nervous and go through negative thoughts but I can deal with that pressure a lot better. Understanding my game better in what I need to do has helped," he explained.

With five matches left to complete 100 games for South Africa in the shortest format, Miller feels that he brings in calmness in the change-room.

"For me, I see myself trying to create that calmness in the change room, trying to just clarify a few things with younger guys to what they need to do better.

"Really enjoyable to be giving advice but along with that you are always developing as player and also learning from youngsters about their mindset, how they approach the game," Miller added.

His IPL performance won't put any extra pressure on him.

"Not any extra pressure or weight on my shoulders. Every international game that I have played whether as senior or junior, there has always been a sense of pressure. So I don't think it changes. Just that with experience I deal with it a lot of better." The short vacation to Maldives also helped a lot.

"It's been pretty hard with so many games of IPL but I have been working quite hard on physical side of things. I feel fresh and good to go after a two-day break in Maldives. Pretty good for mind," he concluded. 

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News Source : PTI


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