Tsunoda: RB may be able to catch the top 5 F1 teams

If RB continues to make the kind of development it has, Yuki Tsunoda thinks it could catch up to the top five Formula 1 teams in 2024.

(Motorsports news) The team from Faenza had its most competitive race of the year last weekend in Miami, where Tsunoda scored twice after finishing eighth in the sprint on Saturday and then driving hard to finish seventh in the race on Sunday.

Daniel Ricciardo, his teammate, had a great Saturday as well. He qualified and placed fourth before an unremarkable grand prix in which he finished in fifteenth place.
With 12 points overall, RB was able to hold onto its sixth-place ranking in the standings, just behind Aston Martin.

Tsunoda was encouraged with the outcome and praised his team’s rapid advancement about their future shape.

After the race, Tsunoda told F1.com, “It shows how much we’re pushing, you know, especially the people who work in the background.” “The progress we’re having throughout the year so far is very fast.

“Up until now, we have always driven around the P10 in every race, and we have scored points in the majority of them. More recently, we have also been scoring points in the P8, P9, P7, and P4 races.

“Although it’s obviously not on par with the Mercedes just yet, I was able to keep up or even outpace one of the Mercedes today.

“It follows that if we keep going in this direction, we might eventually catch up to the [top five] clubs. We strive for it for the time being since we never know.”

The Japanese driver, who has finished in the lead in three of the first six races of 2024, had a hectic race, fighting with multiple competitors, including Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes, and almost losing control of his vehicle.

“I kind of peed in my pants when I slid at Turn seven,” he added, describing the moment.”There, I kind of went into a half-spin. It was my biggest error and something I didn’t need to do.

“However, the pace continued after that. I had fun in the fight with Lewis as well. Ultimately, he passed me by as if it were yesterday.

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