TENVIC is bringing sports to schools and positively impacting the lives of many

For many, sports have made a life changing difference in their lives. It’s not just a sport played for recreation or followed by keeping up to date with sports news, it’s a livelihood for some, a lifestyle for many and a uniting factor that brings cultures together due to a shared passion. Sports teaches us important lessons such as hard work, team spirit, perseverance and purpose, lessons that are not only important at the highest level but even more so at the grassroots such as schools.

In this exclusive interview with SPOGO, Ravikumar Srinivasan, the Vice President Grassroot Sports at TENVIC speaks about promoting sports in schools, involvement of legendary cricketer Anil Kumble in developing solutions, it’s various leadership development programmes, making sports a part of the curriculum, overcoming challenges and future goals.

Q 1) How is TENVIC promoting sports in schools, boardrooms and making it a part of the everyday lifestyle of people?

We at TENVIC believe that sport promotes the well-being of people and ecosystems across personal and professional spheres, that it fosters lasting cultural, social and economic benefits for individuals, societies, nations and the globe. Our services and solutions, aimed at positively impacting the lives of people, in and through sport, are summarized below as four pillars.

1. Grassroots Sports

Structured grassroots programs, to help children excel in a sport of their choice, offered at school, after school and in summer camps. Scientifically developed training content for different sports developed by well-known sportspersons is anchored by TENVIC-trained coaches.

Integrated Sports Program or In school Program – Where multi sports (minimum 3 sports) being integrated into the school time table – from 3rd std upwards. The Sports Program is mandatory for all school children. Today we offer close to 23 sports.

2.   Lessons from Sports

3.   Branding and Sport

4.   Technology and Sport

Q 2) What is the role of legendary cricketer Mr Kumble in developing innovative solutions for schools and corporates?
Anil's iconic status and achievements as an international cricketer are universally applauded. At TENVIC, his proven leadership skills come into play, drawing from his success as Indian cricket team captain, reputed executive coach and public speaker. TENVIC leverages his intellect and experience in all operational aspects. Several of his fun filled cricketing drills have been shared with TENVIC coaches in-turn it is reached to the school students.

Technology is really helping the athletes to achieve what they want in sports.

Q 3) Please tell us about the structured approach by TENVIC for sports training in schools and other communities?
A sports program built on the PE curriculum is integrated in the timetable for all students between Class 3 to Class 10. Takes over the Physical Education classes of a school and delivers the mandated PE syllabus through a selection of 2 or 3 sports from a basket of 23 sports – namely, Cricket, Table tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Chess, Tennis, Volleyball Swimming, Archery, Rifle Shooting, Gymnastics, Judo, Boxing, Athletics, Hockey, Kabaddi, Kho-kho, Handball, Fencing, Weight Lifting, Sepak Takraw, Fencing

1. With the right selection of sports and their corresponding skill training, the essential requirements of a physical education curriculum can be achieved, as in the TENVIC Integrated Sports Program curriculum.

2. Sport is also a fun-filled and enjoyable substitute to traditional physical education teaching methods.

We have worked with several government schools under the CSR program – developed sports infrastructure, providing the structured sports program – created sporting excellence for the schools within a short span of time.

Q 4) What are the various leadership development programmes conducted by TENVIC for life skills and behavioral competency training for sportspeople?

TENVIC, under the Lessons from Sports partnering with several corporations and several sports persons – besides partnering with the corporate entities, we also engage with sportspeople to help them manage the challenges of playing and for career opportunities beyond their sporting life through profiling, mental skilling and one to one mentoring.

The most important battle to win on the playing field is the one in mind. Winning in sport, as someone once said, is 90% mental.

Through our mentoring programs, we help sports people develop mental toughness and competencies for use during their playing years and beyond. These programs draw on the expertise of world class sporting icons and senior human resource professionals and use diagnostic aids, workshops and focused mentoring sessions to achieve results.

whatsapp-image-2021-06-22-at-101146-am TENVIC is bringing sports to schools and positively impacting the lives of many

Q 5) What do you think needs to be done to make sports an integral part of the school curriculum?

We have been successfully implementing sports as part of the school subject, close to 200+ schools are being imbibed TENVIC Structured sports curriculum and our coaches are being trained 50000+ students across India from 2013.
As you are aware, National Education Policy 2020 was introduced last year, wherein sports is being made compulsory and it is being mandated to be made as part of a school subject, we have to see how the same is being implemented. We are happy that the government has taken this initiative.

Q 6) According to you, what are the various challenges faced in grassroot development and how can they be overcome?

Most of the schools do not have proper sports infrastructures. I am sure things will change rapidly under the NEP 2020. Most of the schools will start adopting the sports program and more and more students will start playing structured sports and create sporting excellence for their schools.

Q 7) What are the future goals of TENVIC and how can that be achieved?

TENVIC works with Schools, Academies and Centre of Excellence. TENVIC Methodology is LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) principal. TENVIC founders (Anil Kumble and Vasanth Bharadwaj – both known for their sports) had a vision of witnessing their trained athletes climbing the Olympic podium and bringing laurels to the country and to their partners.


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