Skyesports announces PNC Qualifier Championship with a prize pool of INR. 20,00,000

The India Region PNC 2023 Qualifiers will be held at Skyesports. The winner of this qualifier, which is open to all Indian players, will represent their nation in the PNC in Seoul, South Korea, in 2023.

(Esports news) The PNC 2023 Qualifiers are being offered to Indian PC players by Skyesports, the top esports event organizer in India. The qualifiers will offer a mind-blowing prize pool of INR 20,00,000 and a stage for participants to demonstrate their abilities on an influential platform. The PNC is a prominent PC gaming competition, and Seoul, South Korea will host the 2023 edition.

16 of the top PC teams in the world will fight in Seoul for a piece of the $300,000 prize pool. Every gamer will have an opportunity to become a professional, thanks to the open-to-all format of the PNC 2023 Qualifiers, and Skyesports, which will be divided into several stages. Along with the opportunity to represent the nation at the PNC 2023 for the first time, the competition will offer an incredible prize pool of INR 20,000,000.

Shiva Nandy, the founder and CEO of Skyesports, commented on the PNC 2023 Qualifiers, saying, “We are thrilled to be hosting the first Qualifiers, which will send a team from India to PNC 2023 in South Korea for the first time. This is expected to be the largest PC battle royale esports event in India and for Skyesports with a staggering Rs. 20,00,000 prize fund. 

By hosting this tournament, Skyesports is overjoyed to be able to support India’s burgeoning esports scene and gaming community. We are excited to watch Indian players demonstrate their talent, ability, and strategy as they work to establish themselves on the international arena.

Registrations for the PNC 2023 Qualifiers are currently open on the official website until July 19. Hurry up, though, as there are only 64 open slots in the event. The Qualifier is set to happen across three phases which are as follows: 

  • Quarter Finals: July 21 and 22
  • Semi-Finals: July 23 to 25
  • Grand Finals: July 28 to 30

The first 64 teams will be split into four groups for the quarterfinals of PNC by Skyesports team India, with each group having 16 teams. Six matches will be played between each of these groups. The six top-scoring teams from each group advance to the Semifinals.

The 24 remaining teams will be split into three groups of eight teams each for the Semifinals. Each squad will take part in a total of 12 matches during this phase. To the Grand Finale, only the top 16 teams with the highest scores will advance. The top 16 teams from India will then participate in the PNC 2023 Qualifiers Grand Finals for a chance to win a piece of the Rs. 20,00,000 prize pool and to represent the nation in the PNC 2023 in South Korea.

To summarize the format:
  • Quarterfinals: 64 teams split into four groups of 16. Each group plays four matches. The top six teams from each group advance.
  • Semifinals: 24 teams divided into three groups of eight. Groups compete in a round-robin with each team playing 12 matches. Only the top 16 teams move on to the Grand Finale.
  • Grand Finals: Eighteen matches across three days (six per day) to decide the champions.

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