Seeded players sail through in chess meet

Mumbai, Apr 8 (PTI) Top seeded International Master Vikramaditya Kulkarni of Railways marched into the second round of the 6th All India FIDE Rating Chess Tournament, which got underway at the Russian Centre for Science & Culture here on Saturday.

Kulkarni made short work of Ahaan Kataruka in their first round match.

On the other boards, second seeded FIDE master Saurav Khherdekar (ELO rating 2090) and third seeded Raghav Srivathsav (ELO 2060) defeated their respective opponents, Aditya and Ganeshwar to advance to next round.

The six-day event has attracted 140 players from across India, which includes 61 FIDE rated players.

The tournament is being organized by India Chess School under the aegis of the All India Chess Federation and Maharashtra Chess Association.

Source: PTI News


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