Beginning with “Ronaldo,” Neymar attributes the transformation of the Saudi Pro League to the influence of Ronaldo

Ronaldo to Al Nassr stands as the highest-priced deal ever in the annals of Saudi Arabian football

(Football News) In his inaugural interview after transferring to Al Hilal, Neymar attributed the transformation of the Saudi Pro League to Cristiano Ronaldo. Expressing his anticipation of facing Ronaldo and other prominent players like Benzema and Firmino, the 31-year-old Brazilian forward conveyed his excitement about this new phase of his career.

Neymar recently signed a two-year contract with the Riyadh-based club, departing from Paris St Germain. During the interview, he shared, “I believe Cristiano Ronaldo started all of this and everybody called him ‘crazy,’ and this and that. Today you see the league grow more and more.”

He continued, “It is exciting, meeting top-quality players on the other teams thrills you and motivates you to play even better. And it is a given when you face Ronaldo, Benzema, Firmino, that the excitement is even greater.” Neymar emphasized the importance of squad quality, reflecting on its influence in making career decisions.

He expressed his enthusiasm for embarking on a new chapter with the club and teammates, aiming to secure titles and fulfill the club’s ambitions.

Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo are undeniably two of the most illustrious footballers in history. Their accolades extend to both individual and team achievements, solidifying their status as globally recognized and marketable athletes.

The Saudi Pro League has invested a substantial 600 million euros to attract top-tier players and coaches from European clubs. This investment aligns with Saudi Arabia’s aspiration to enhance its sports-oriented image, positioning itself as a welcoming environment for sports enthusiasts. The acquisition of Ronaldo has indeed proven to be a strategic move in this direction.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who joined Al-Nassr in December under a 2-1/2 year contract after departing from Manchester United, is responsible for the most expensive transfer in the history of Saudi Arabian football. Reportedly earning €200 million per year, he now holds the title of the highest-paid footballer worldwide. Ronaldo’s presence has elevated Al Nassr’s prominence both domestically and internationally, marking a significant achievement for the club.

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