Vasseur: Red Bull’s “magic bullet” isn’t something the Ferrari Formula One team can imitate

Fred Vasseur, the boss of Ferrari Formula 1, says his team can't make the error of thinking that Red Bull, a rival, has a "magic bullet" that must be imitated.
Red Bull

(Motorsports news) After finishing the 2023 season in third position in the world championship, Ferrari was 454 points behind Red Bull, the team that won every race save one this season, which Carlos Sainz broke in Singapore. Vasseur emphasized that instead of concentrating on duplicating a single significant gain that Red Bull may have, the Maranello team needs to improve in all aspect of its operations in order to erode its lead.

“I believe the error would be to think that Red Bull has a five-tenths magic bullet or that we made a breakthrough,” he stated. Performance is derived from many aspects of the business, including our increased dependability and capacity to create parts more quickly. “This season, we forfeited too many points due to a variety of issues, including dependability, disqualification in Austin, and obstruction during qualifying. Clearly, this is where we need to be working.

And we need to get better at everything—engine, aero, and everything else. It’s not like you correct anything and take a four or five-tenths step forward just because we had something nice and something terrible. “What matters most is that all one thousand members of the team believe they are contributing to the team’s performance and are striving to push the envelope a little bit, even if it’s just for a millisecond—because that will be sufficient to make a significant progress.”

Vasseur noted that rather than consistently bringing improvements to the track, the team’s greater understanding of the SF-23 throughout the latter part of the season is what allowed the vehicle to perform better. “I’m extremely happy that we didn’t drastically alter the car between Zandvoort and Abu Dhabi,” he remarked.

“I believe we upgraded the car in Japan, but other than that, we essentially kept it the same. With improved driver technique, car comprehension, and setup, we were able to do significantly better. “It indicates that there is always space for improvement, and this is a positive vibe to build upon for the upcoming year.”

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