RCB helps restore three Bengaluru lakes; chips in to solve water crisis

Bengaluru, Apr 19 (PTI) Royal Challengers Bengaluru have contributed their bit to the efforts to resolve the water crisis that has gripped Bengaluru for the last couple of months, rejuvenating three lakes as part of the IPL franchise’s Go Green Initiative.

The RCB, as per an India Cares Foundation report, have completed the restoration work of Ittgalpura Lake and Sadenahalli Lake, while adding civic amenities to the Kannur Lake.

RCB had launched the Lake Improvement Works Project as part of their ESG commitment in last October with a focus on developing water bodies in the said areas as they lack access to Cauvery water and are totally dependent on groundwater and surface water.

According to the report, over 1.20 lakh tons of silt and sand have been removed at the Ittgalpura Lake and Sadenahalli Lake.

The soil has been used to create bunds and pathways across the lakes and 52 farmers have taken it to use as topsoil for their fields as well.

As a result, the water holding capacity of these lakes has increased up to 17 acres.

Around the Kannur Lake, ethno-medicinal plants parks, bamboo parks, and butterfly parks have been created with an aim to improve biodiversity.

“We naturally expanded our focus to support our local community by spearheading the restoration of key lakes in Bengaluru. These lakes not only serve as critical groundwater sources for neighbouring villages but also form the backbone of local livelihoods,” said Rajesh Menon, VP and Head of RCB.

Source: PTI News


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