Players not happy with ‘Impact Player’ rule, coaches feel otherwise

New Delhi, Apr 22 (PTI) Axar Patel believes that his batting position has been affected by ‘Impact Player’ rule while Mukesh Kumar wants it abolished if there isn’t some meaningful alternate help for the bowlers but Sourav Ganguly thinks that in a 12-a-side game, only the best all-rounders will survive.

With Rohit Sharma making it clear that he is not a big fan of ‘Impact Player’ which is a glorified 12-a-side contests which hampers the growth of Indian all-rounders, more and more top national team players are expressing their displeasure.

The ‘Impact Player’ rule, introduced in 2023, allows all IPL teams to substitute a player — batter or bowler — during their respective innings as per the demands of the match, but it has raised eyebrows in the ongoing season.

Axar, who sees himself as an all-rounder admitted that because of the rule, his batting position has been affected. “Whosoever is making the rules, they are thinking that everything will work as per batter’s convenience. Obviously, it has been difficult (for the bowlers). According to me, it’s difficult but obviously you will have the opportunity as well that you can perform well in that situation, if you have the skills then how you can use them,” Axar told

Source: PTI News


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