Horner says he “can’t blame” Perez for his F1 Mexico Turn 1 maneuver

Christian Horner believes he "can't blame" Sergio Perez for his daring Turn 1 move, which forced him out of his home race in Mexico.

(Motorsports news) Perez had a decent start from fifth on the grid, attempting to run around the outside of poleman Charles Leclerc and his own teammate Max Verstappen at the opening circuit. The Ferrari clipped it’s rear wheel, launching him into the air and onto the run-off area. Perez was able to return to the pits, but the team quickly judged that the damage was too severe for him to continue.

“I’m absolutely gutted to see Sergio Perez go out on the first corner,” Horner remarked when questioned about the incident.”He had his best start of the season, getting the draft and tow from the three cars ahead, so he arrived with massive over-speed.” “And you can’t blame him for trying to take the lead of the Grand Prix in his home race.”

I believe it was a racing incident because three into one doesn’t work, and Charles obviously couldn’t get out of it and braked late. “It’s frustrating for Checo, and it’s extremely disappointing for his fans, to lose him at the first corner.” The crew tried everything they could to get him out, but there was too much damage to the car’s floor and underbody. On the playback, you could see Charles had a bit of a Red Bull sandwich.”

Perez returned to the pit wall after retiring, where he was consoled by his team boss. “It’s a difficult time for him,” Horner added. “It was in front of his home crowd, and he was visibly moved, and I simply told him, ‘The next race is next week.'” You’re aiming for first place in your home race, you wouldn’t be a racer if you weren’t going for it.

“I think he would have been on the podium without a doubt,” he continued. It’s a major loss for him because he had a car capable of finishing on the podium.” Perez and Verstappen, according to Horner, would have been allowed to race each other. “It would have been a straight fight between the two of them,” he added. “So it could have been a fun afternoon.”

“Checo had good pace this weekend; it’s just unfortunate that it happened on the first corner.” That was my biggest concern coming into the race.” Perez’s withdrawal allowed Lewis Hamilton, who finished second, to reduce the gap in the battle for the world championship runner-up place. “He’s got three races to convert that second place,” Horner went on to say. “He and Lewis are separated by 20 points.”

He’s had some tragedy and problems, but we still feel he can achieve it by the end of the year. “He’s a tough operator, which is why he’s in the car, because he’s always been able to bounce back mentally.” He’ll brush himself down and use it as an incentive. “A Brazilian sprint race.” He’s always performed well on street circuits, like as the one in Las Vegas. He has always been competitive in Abu Dhabi.

“He’ll have the full support of the team to try and achieve something that we’ve not done before.”

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