Perez: Alpine F1 should have given Szafnauer more time

Sergio Perez thinks Otmar Szafnauer, his former boss, was not given enough opportunity to demonstrate his abilities to help Alpine succeed in Formula 1.

(Motorsports news) Szafnauer left Alpine after the most recent Belgian Grand Prix due to a disagreement he had with the company’s executives on how quickly it should start winning Formula One races. Szafnauer claimed that his extensive knowledge of Formula One led him to believe that Alpine wouldn’t reach its goal until 2026, but the company’s senior management was adamant that it could be accomplished much sooner. 

It was decided that they should part ways immediately because of the fundamental disagreement they had about the team’s long-term goal. Just over a year after joining the team, Szafnauer’s resignation shocked the paddock, especially as Alpine revealed that the company’s esteemed sporting director Alan Permane was also departing. 

Because it takes so long to establish success in Formula One, Perez, who collaborated with Szafnauer at the Racing Point squad, believes that his departure was premature. Perez responded when asked how he felt about Szafnauer leaving: “Given the short notice, I guess I was fairly startled with it. 

Szafnauer’s management of Alpine was criticized last week by Fernando Alonso, who himself left Alpine for Aston Martin after Alpine’s management made it difficult to negotiate a deal for him for this year and beyond. When asked about how Alpine handled the contract negotiations poorly, Alonso told the BBC: “It was just on a very slow pace, and it wasn’t from my side.

I was simply prepared and joyful. I was also happy with the performance and the potential for the future of the 2022 car because it was a fast car.  “So, that slow-moving discourse, finally not even writing down what we were writing, and all these comments about our age and other things, which they are still doing. It’s the way they conduct themselves. or Otmar’s method of doing things. Perez said, He ought to keep quiet after this year, after all. He ought to keep his mouth shut. He’s still talking and still proud of the choice despite the success of Aston Martin and the achievements he’s achieving, which is wonderful, amazing.

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