Paolo Banchero’s FIBA World Cup experience might make him famous

In his quest to become an NBA superstar, Paolo Banchero is progressing faster than expected.

(Basketball news) The 2022–23 Rookie of the Year title went to Paolo Banchero, which is by no means a surprise for a No. 1 pick. But what sticks out is that he hardly ever appeared like a rookie during his first season in Orlando, and before being passed over for a selection, he was even given some thought in All-Star discussions.

Paolo Banchero was chosen for the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup as the youngest player for the United States Men’s National Team as a result of his standing. He has already established a position for himself on the 2023 national team, far beyond the honorary Team USA selection that some young players have received in the past.

Paolo Banchero made a significant improvement in the World Cup opening after exhibiting glimpses throughout the United States’ exhibition tour. Banchero was the standout of Team USA’s 99-72 victory over New Zealand, scoring a game-high 21 points (on efficient 8-of-10 shooting), adding four rebounds, and blocking four shots in just under 20 minutes of play. Magic head coach Jamahl Mosley was present.

He was a crucial contributor to Team USA’s comeback in a game where they had a sluggish start. He used his strong 6-10 size to make a difference on defense and an improved shooting stroke to put forth a productive scoring performance. It’s critical to pay attention to both what Banchero did and how he did it when advancing his performance.

Paolo Banchero played center in some of Team USA’s more successful lineups during the opening game, allowing him to move around the court and be a valuable rim protector on defense. In order to assault, Banchero was able to use slower defenders as an advantage. And an underappreciated facet of his game is his potential as a playmaking threat.

In the World Cup, Banchero’s familiarity at the five allows Kerr more lineup flexibility because it may be a tactic used to make life difficult for opponents. His adaptability will enable him to perform admirably both with the starters and the reserve unit, which is led by Tyrese Haliburton and Austin Reaves.

Banchero remarked of acting as a reserve and adding a spark, “It feels nice. Me and a few of the other guys are coming off the bench, and we want to be live and prepared to play as soon as we check in. We want to be active, energetic, and fast-moving. With a fast-moving strike and his physical profile, many opponents might find themselves scurrying for cover.

There is little doubt that Mosley was thinking about how he could help the Magic continue to develop his blossoming star. Even though Banchero will always be the best in Orlando, he is learning priceless lessons from competing with other elite athletes for Team USA.

He averaged 20 points per game as a rookie and occasionally appeared to score with ease. The next step in Banchero’s development as a scorer who averages 25 or even 30 points per game is to increase his 29.8 percent 3-point shooting and discover new, inventive methods to win.

Banchero leads the Magic’s nucleus of young talent, which also includes upcoming players Franz Wagner and Jalen Suggs, as well as Anthony Black and Jett Howard, two rookies. If Orlando gets its way, its core members will keep growing, which will make Banchero’s task simpler. His ability to play off his Magic teammates will only improve as he gains experience playing off top talent at the World Cup. Orlando is one of the most intriguing teams in the league because of this dynamic.

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