Wolff: only Red Bull’s “mistake” will stop an F1 clean sweep

Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes, claims that only Red Bull "screwing things up" on its own will stop it from winning every race in Formula 1 this year.
Red Bull

(Motorsports news) At the Italian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen set a record by winning his tenth straight Formula One race, defeating a determined Ferrari challenge to maintain Red Bull’s unblemished record in Formula One in 2023. Even though there are still eight races left at different tracks, competitors doubt that Red Bull’s hegemony can be broken under normal circumstances.

There is no argument that any of the remaining circuits provide a better opportunity than Monza of stopping Red Bull, according to Wolff, whose Mercedes team is the last non-Red Bull team to have won a race when it won the Brazilian Grand Prix last year. Wolff added that it would be a remarkable accomplishment if Red Bull managed to win every race this season, saying, “I think they need to screw it up themselves in order to not win every race this season.

“And by the way, that’s a record I’d consider good because it’s flawless. Our two shoved each other out of the way in Barcelona [in 2016], and then we had an engine issue in Malaysia, so we didn’t make it.After entirely discounting the significance of Verstappen’s 10th straight victory at Monza, Wolff made a reference to the clean sweep record.

These kinds of records, he continued, “are totally irrelevant to me.” They were irrelevant during our successful years at Mercedes, when we won a record number of consecutive races. I had no idea there was a way to keep track of your victories. Therefore, asking me to comment on a particular accomplishment is challenging because it has never been a part of my life. However, the outcome itself demonstrates the intense degree of competition being engaged in by a great driver in a terrific vehicle.

Red Bull has praised Verstappen for winning his record-breaking 10th race in a row, but the team isn’t getting too excited about the possibility of completing the sweep. Christian Horner, the team owner, said that the upcoming race in Singapore would likely present one of the hardest difficulties of the year. The fact that we have won 14 of the 14 races so far and will finish the European season unbeaten is something we could never have expected, he remarked.

“Winning a grand prix is difficult enough; to win 14 straight times, or 24 times in a row, shows that every member of the squad is contributing.

We’re racing against some very strong competitors, but we’re just focusing on each race individually. One of the toughest races on the calendar is the next one in Singapore, which is on a street circuit. We simply try to maintain this momentum because we witnessed how dangerous it can be last year. Verstappen continued his winning streak, but Wolff thought the Italian GP had been entertaining since Ferrari was challenging Red Bull.

“I think it’s good that Ferrari is on the podium and maybe they deserved it a little bit more,” he stated. “Watching it at the end was extremely entertaining. Are we meddling or are we letting them push each other out? came to mind in some flashback recollections. “I believe it was a fantastic spectacle for the tifosi. It provided some enjoyable entertainment, and the atmosphere in this place is incredible. Monza is the best place to start.

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