No big deal losing to my role model Jyothi: Aditi

Hangzhou, Oct 3 (PTI) If there was one archer that Aditi Swami wouldn’t ever mind losing to is her “role model” Jyothi Surekha Vennam and even as the 17-year-old archer lost the semi-final of the women’s compound event to her idol, she wasn’t one bit unhappy.

Two months after Aditi had ousted Jyothi in the semifinal en route her World Championship title, the senior exacted a sweet revenge.

Jyothi will now bid for her first-ever Asian Games gold from three appearances, while Aditi will be left to fight for the bronze.

“She’s (Jyothi) my role model. So it was very fun to play against her. Last time we played each other was the world championships recently, in Berlin,” Aditi said here.

“That time I won, and today she won. It is not a big deal, because whoever wins, India’s gonna win,” she added.

Compound archery does not feature in Olympics and Asian Games is the only multisport extravaganza they get to compete in and Aditi was “excited” to fight for a bronze in her maiden appearances.

The compound archers have assured India of three medals already to match India’s best-ever feat of one gold, one silver and one bronze they had secured in Incheon 2014.

India in fact have a bright chance to claim their best-ever show in archery as they are also in running for medals in seven more events.

“It’s a very special tournament for me because in compound archery it’s like the Olympics for us. It is also very special because it is my first Asian Games. I’m very excited and I’m enjoying every moment.” On playing with more experienced archers, Aditi said: “When I was younger, that was my inspiration. This year, when I was selected for the senior team, it was a pleasant surprise for me because now I’m playing with them. I’m going to be on same team,” she said.

She said how senior archers make her feel at home on tours.

“They are my friends, they take care of me. They tell me about things I’m not aware of or if I’m doing anything wrong. They help me out a lot like an older sister or brother would,” she signed off.

Source: PTI News


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