Neeraj Chopra says “All I require is a single day of ideal weather conditions to surpass the 90-meter mark”

Neeraj Chopra emphasizes that he hasn't set a specific goal as he approaches the World Athletics Championships in Budapest on the 23

(Sports News) Neeraj Chopra, the Olympic gold medalist, reveals that he’s not setting any specific targets. The pressure, which has become a constant in his journey, is something he’s become accustomed to managing. Competing in events like the World Championships and Olympics that occur every few years does come with a sense of responsibility, but he maintains his focus and gives his utmost effort. Initially, handling various pressures used to overwhelm him, but with time, he has grown accustomed to it.

Maintaining consistent fitness throughout the year, particularly in the face of competition, can be challenging. Neeraj acknowledges the difficulties but asserts that he had prepared well at the start of the year. An injury led him to miss some competitions, but he returned for the Lausanne Diamond League with a solid performance. He acknowledges that he’s in a better place now, both in terms of performance and training. For him, mental readiness is key, with the World Championships approaching. He doesn’t carry a specific target but focuses on performing fearlessly. 

The question about breaching the 90-meter mark is a common one. Neeraj confidently states that he’s close to achieving it; he just needs the right day with favorable weather conditions.

Acknowledging his role as a top contender in the World Championships, Neeraj is aware that several other throwers have crossed the 90-meter mark. He refrains from naming specific competitors, emphasizing that the field is unpredictable. Past experiences have shown that who performs well can be unforeseen, so he remains focused on giving his best and not underestimating anyone.

Neeraj finds pride in inspiring fellow athletes and believes his medal can catalyze more successes for India. He appreciates leading and motivating others in this manner and believes that emerging talents in Indian athletics will contribute to stronger performances in the Olympics and World Championships.

When it comes to inspiration, Neeraj used to watch videos of world record holder Jan Železný during his early days. However, he believes that internal motivation is crucial, especially in individual sports.

Regarding handling pressure, Neeraj engages in visualization alongside regular training. This practice helps him feel mentally present in the competition environment. He emphasizes the importance of regular international competitions to become accustomed to the pressure.

While focusing on one step at a time, Neeraj is aware that the Olympics are approaching, but he’s currently concentrating on the World Championships, followed by the Diamond League and Asian Games. He plans to intensively train during the season break, preparing himself for the challenges ahead.

Regarding weather conditions, Neeraj acknowledges that while ideal conditions might lead to better performances, athletes need to be prepared for any situation and deliver their best regardless.

Replicating the success of the previous Olympics involves maintaining physical fitness, mental preparedness, and addressing technical aspects.

As the Athletics Federation of India celebrates its 75th anniversary, Neeraj appreciates the support he’s received from AFI and SAI. He envisions the potential for organizing quality competitions in India that would allow international athletes to participate, elevating Indian athletics collectively.

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