McLaren will not be held away considering Red Bull’s f1 Miami difficulties

According to team manager Andrea Stella, McLaren won't get too cocky following its Formula 1 victory in Miami because it will require another upgrade package to regularly fight Red Bull.

(Motorsports news) In Miami, Lando Norris won his first race while McLaren unveiled a substantial ten-part upgrading program.

Max Verstappen, the Red Bull race leader, was dealing with floor damage while Norris had a free pit stop since he had kept out of the race until a mid-race safety car was called.

But even before his fortunate break, Norris showed blistering speed on the medium tires. Verstappen conceded that McLaren’s pace appeared “insane,” but Norris kept his lead and easily outran the Dutchman to win by seven seconds on the hard tires.

Before being knocked back by Carlos Sainz, Piastri was also quick in a car that, unlike Norris’ MCL38, had not yet received all of the improvements.

Even though Norris’ historic victory had raised many spirits at McLaren, Stella expressed doubt that Sunday’s photo from Miami was a true representation of the upcoming races.

“The automobile has been upgraded, yes. You should be able to observe the improvement in lap time, as evidenced by the data,” Stella stated.

However, Red Bull found this race to be a little challenging. Does the speed that we observed portend what lies ahead? This statement does not have my signature on it.

“We qualified six tenths of a second behind Red Bull in Japan. It would be utterly unreasonable to believe that what we have witnessed today is the most recent representation of competitiveness, as we were just a few tenths of a step behind in China once more.In my opinion, Red Bull did not fully utilize their product in this instance.

Stella said the team’s achievement in Miami should be seen as evidence that its efforts in the factory are paying off, especially as Piastri will also receive the full spec in Imola, which includes an updated floor.

It will immediately begin assembling its next update package, which Stella thinks is essential to continuously combat Red Bull, for later this year.

“We take this positive, we take this encouragement,” he said.

“We take this positive, we take this encouragement,” he said. “If anything it’s even more energy to develop possibly even faster than what we are doing.”However, in my opinion, we need to give another bundle similar to the one we have delivered here if you want to battle Red Bull continuously.”

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