McLaren pours cold water on Norris Red Bull F1 switch talk

Any rumors that Lando Norris would soon be let go and join Red Bull as Max Verstappen's Formula One teammate have been shot down by McLaren.

(Motorsports news) McLaren’s Norris admission that he would not be opposed to working alongside his friend Verstappen at some time, relations between Norris and Red Bull heated up over the Italian Grand Prix weekend. In the future, he declared, “I would definitely be open to it.” “I believe I can confidently state that Max is most likely one of the greatest drivers in Formula 1 history.

Until I was in Formula 1, I never competed against him in a race, but I was always in a lower division. I have some experience with him in karting. “Back in 2012 or 2013, when I first got to know him, I was able to observe what he was doing, and I don’t just think it was because he had a nice automobile and could perform. I believe he will be able to function at a comparable level regardless of the vehicle.

It would be wonderful to collaborate with someone of that caliber while also testing my ability to compete effectively with him. I would consider it. He was recently extended an invitation to McLaren. He is therefore welcome to visit whenever he likes. However, Norris has a guaranteed contract with McLaren through the end of the 2025 season after agreeing to a new agreement to prolong his tenure with the Woking-based team before the 2022 season.

The Norris connections to Red Bull are fascinating given that the Milton Keynes-based team will be a potential engine choice for the McLaren squad starting in 2026. It’s not implausible that McLaren may be persuaded to give Norris to its rival in exchange for securing a supply of power units.

Sergio Perez is under contract with Red Bull through the end of 2024, but Verstappen’s replacement for 2025 is uncertain. However, McLaren CEO Zak Brown has categorically stated that Norris will complete the remainder of his current deal, ruling out such a possibility. When asked if McLaren would refuse any offer to release Norris, Brown responded: “Correct. By 2025, Lando will continue to compete for McLaren. Of course.

Brown has also downplayed claims that McLaren is explicitly making a strong effort to obtain a Red Bull engine supplier, despite the fact that he just visited the team’s new powertrains factory. As McLaren considers whether or not to stay with current partner Mercedes after 2025, he claimed that it was his responsibility to hold discussions with all manufacturers. “We did go visit Red Bull and their facilities, and what they’re doing is impressive,” he continued.

When questioned about Norris at Monza, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner did not rule out interest in the Brit’s services. But he assured them that Red Bull will adhere to any agreements made. Without a doubt, Lando is a fantastic driver, and Horner noted that he is developing more and more. “But he drives for McLaren, and you have to go by the rules that are in place.

He is excelling in the sport, and we have already finalized our drivers for the year 24. As you might imagine, there is a lot of demand in the one seat we have available in 25. But for now, it’s a long way off. Norris’ services are sought after by a number of teams, not just Red Bull. He has been associated with Ferrari, Aston Martin Group CEO Martin Whitmarsh recently spoke with the British driver about a potential transition to the Silverstone-based team.

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