The McLaren F1 team is prepared to assist Norris in ceasing to be so hard on him

When Lando Norris made a mistake in the 2023 Formula 1 season, he was "very harsh on himself," and McLaren is evaluating methods to better support him.

(Motorsports news) At the end of the season, McLaren’s Lando Norris criticized the “shit job” he had done on qualifying shootouts. This came after he lost the opportunity to take pole from Max Verstappen due to a slip in Abu Dhabi. The British athlete was equally critical of his one-lap performances in Mexico City and Austin. Because of this, McLaren is thinking of methods to help Norris, such copying the “entourage” provided to tennis professionals or allowing Norris to aim for consistency rather than perfection.

McLaren’s team principal Andrea Stella responded, “It’s about how you judge situations, it’s about how you talk about situations, about how you interpret yourself,” when asked if McLaren should step in to help Norris avoid any blunders. This one is definitely worthy of serious consideration. “How can we just agree that a 99.9% lap is sufficient on occasion? What opposition do you face? Consistency or always giving it your all?

“As a collective, you investigate opportunities with drivers and sportsmen at this level. You circle the driver in a 360-degree motion. “You can see that these tennis players have an entourage around them to help them perform to the best of their abilities,” the statement reads. In the midst of the driver errors, McLaren is investigating whether significant in-season changes that elevated the MCL60 to a level where it could compete with Red Bull have also brought about tough handling characteristics.

Stella clarified, though, that Norris was still “very harsh on himself.” He went on, “I think it’s important to pay attention to how he handles his own performance because it seems like he’s very hard on himself.” Sometimes we must emphasize the good things in life. There are a lot of benefits, so we should make sure to consider them and find a method to make the drawbacks work so you can use them rather than just punishing yourself.

Stella was also informed that Norris was under more pressure to make mistakes as a result of Oscar Piastri’s outstanding rookie year. The Italian commented, “You can see how you can go quicker in some places because you have a competitive teammate,” in reference to the dynamic between teammates. Our drivers need to be supported and given the opportunity to reach their full potential; this is something that only requires constant improvement.

“It is necessary to utilize all available data, which includes examining patterns during the qualifying process to determine what happens when we make a mistake and why. Is there anything that can be made better technically, but also better from a human perspective? “Therefore, we are certain that errors—the second element—tend to occur more frequently when a teammate is strong. Therefore, something to consider.

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