Max Verstappen extends lead in drivers title race against Lewis Hamilton with thrilling win at the French Grand Prix

In the latest motorsport news, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won a dramatic race against rival Lewis Hamilton at the Le Castellet to register his third win of the season out of seven races. Verstappen is now 13 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the race for the drivers title ahead of back to back races in Austria, the home turf of Red Bull.

Motorsport team Red Bull has displayed a series of impressive performances this season, having won for the third successive time, the other two being in Monaco and Baku. The Dutch driver endured a difficult start to the race, going off the track turning into turn 1, resulting in Hamilton taking the lead.

However, Verstappen regained his lead as Lewis Hamilton went into the pits on lap 20, which made Red Bull’s Sergio Perez as the new race leader. The Mexican went into his first pit stop on lap 25, resulting in Verstappen being back in the first position and Hamilton following the Dutchman, one second behind.

What changed the race was the second pit stop by Max Verstappen in lap 32, who resumed in the fourth position and 25 seconds behind Lewis Hamilton, but the second pit stop paid off and the Red Bull driver edged past Lewis Hamilton in the last lap of the race to win the French Grand Prix.


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