Manchester United have far bigger problems than missing out on Gakpo

While Manchester United’s transfer incompetence is nothing new, their problems are a lot more deeper and serious

(Football news) Manchester United were once considered to be the benchmark of English football, but not anymore. Trophies were a norm under Sir Alex Ferguson but that seems like an eternity in the past and while the club seem to be making steady progress under Erik ten Hag, the situation is a lot more bleak than it appears to be. Teamviewer is already pulling out of their shirt sponsorship deal and the years of poor transfer decisions, exorbitant wages and lack of success on the field seem to have finally caught up with them.

There have been multiple reports that claim that Manchester United are only looking for loan options in the January transfer window as the Glazers are reluctant to spend money amidst a possible takeover of the club. However, it seems that Manchester United have finally reached a situation where they cannot afford to spend more money. The club has spent heavily in the summer on the likes of Casemiro and Antony and reports have suggested that they owe hundreds of millions in previous transfer fees to other clubs. Therefore it’s no surprise that Liverpool were able to swoop in and steal the deal while Manchester United were haggling about the price with PSV Eindhoven.

While Manchester United have publicly said that they are exploring investment opportunities, including a potential sale, there is no guarantee that the Glazers will go. The owners have purchased the club in 2005 through a leveraged buyout in order to maximise their own profits and will not relinquish control if they see that more money can be made. However, it has been five years since Manchester United last won a trophy and the reality is that on-field success does determine how well the club does financially off the pitch, which might deter potential investors, leading to a full takeover.

Manchester United don’t just need investment on the field, they need investment for the stadium and training ground as well. Taking into the factor that the Glazers are unwilling to spend, it means that the only realistic solution to get maximum market value for the club would be an immediate sale. The Glazers will have very little to complain about as they have taken over a billion pounds from the club since the takeover in 2005 and will earn billions more if a takeover goes through. Hopefully, Manchester United fans will get a new owner who will get the club back where they belong and become financial powerhouses that can compete against Manchester City and Newcastle in the future.

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