Magnussen: Patience required of Haas after “horrendous” Monza weekend

While admitting to having a "horrendous" Italian Grand Prix, Kevin Magnussen knows he must exercise patience as his Haas Formula 1 team works to improve the challenging VF-23.

(Motorsports news) Magnussen was one of only three drivers to take a chance and start on the hard Pirelli tyres rather than the medium ones at Monza, where he qualified only in position 19. However, Magnussen ended 18th and last, behind teammate Nico Hulkenberg, while Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas employed the tactic to have excellent races and win points. The plan had been to start out strong and run a lengthy opening stint, possibly not stopping until the very last few circuits.

Magnussen had to convert to two stops as a result of a lack of overall grip, which caused him to pit as early as lap 12. This basically ended his race. When questioned about the risky tyre choice, he responded, “It should have been possible, but we just had no grip at all. And there was no chance because the car was so overbalanced. We couldn’t even get enough front wings off, you know? The flap was unable to lower all the way. And horrible, very awful, Magnussen added.

“I mean, we were debating going all the way to the finish on that first hard to maybe hope for a late safety car, or do something similar to what Alex Albon did in Melbourne. No chance at all, though. Magnussen is aware that he must wait for advancements to reach the track. He explained, “The work is being done behind the scenes, and we just have to wait until we can get those pieces to the car.

“At the end of the day, we have a job to do, and we need to keep working until we get those parts. We can’t complain about what we have right now; we just have to work with what we have and always try to get something out of it, no matter how difficult it looks.” The Haas organization itself, in the opinion of the Dane, is in the finest condition it has ever been in.

The team, he continued, “is in a stronger position than it has ever been.” We have perhaps one of our weakest cars ever, which is just paradoxical.

“With the solid foundation I see in the team, I think we can and will perform much better,” the player said. “Therefore, it is a game of patience. The key is to really hold on to what we now have while waiting for better circumstances. When asked about his own involvement, he responded, “I think it’s crucial to be there to support and give all the input that is needed. Additionally, show them good faith and give them space to concentrate on their projects.

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