Kumble recommends maximising boundary size, more pronounced seam to save bowlers’ future

New Delhi, May 16 (PTI) If the game of cricket remains tilted heavily in the favour of batters, not many youngsters would be lining up to start bowling in a couple of years, fears spin great Anil Kumble, who advocated the need to keep biggest possible boundaries at IPL venues and use of more pronounced seam to restore the balance between bat and ball.

The score of 250 has been breached as many as eight times this season with shorter boundaries, flat pitches and impact player rule aiding the batting side.

Like the great Sunil Gavaskar, Kumble also feels that keeping the maximum possible boundaries length is need of the hour.

“It’s been really hard on the bowlers, especially the first half of the tournament. I certainly believe that you need to maximize the boundaries at every venue. Try and keep the biggest boundary possible in that venue,” India’s leading wicket taker across formats told select media in an interaction arranged by JioCinema.

“For a start, you could move the dugout into the stands. I know you’ll lose a few seats but so be it. Then the other aspect is to perhaps look at white ball to have slightly more pronounced seam so that there’s a bit more movement.

“We have seen that the ball stops swinging after maybe just the one over or even less than that sometimes. You need a balance between bat and ball. You can’t be running in and just going through the motions where in a couple of years you won’t have too many youngsters lining up to start bowling.

“Everybody wants to be a batter. You need the bowlers also to be a part of this game and the balance is very important. I expect that will also get addressed,” he said.

As per the playing conditions of the IPL, “The playing area shall be a minimum of 150 yards (137.16 metres) from boundary to boundary square of the pitch, with the shorter of the two square boundaries being a minimum 65 yards (59.43 metres).

“The straight boundary at both ends of the pitch shall be a minimum of 70 yards (64.00 metres). Distances shall be measured from the centre of the pitch to be used. In all cases the aim shall be to provide the largest playing area, subject to no boundary exceeding 85 yards (77.71 metres) from the centre of the pitch to be used.” Decision to replace Rohit as MI captain was sudden =============================== The call to replace Rohit Sharma with Hardik Pandya has not worked for Mumbai Indians. Kumble feels that transition could have been completed next season when the mega auctions are due.

“The change that happened was a bit sudden. Obviously Rohit Sharma was a part of Mumbai Indians for the last 10 years and then led the team for five titles. Maybe in hindsight, maybe he could have sort of looked at Rohit to manage this year and then maybe Hardik coming in next year but the leadership obviously took that decision. But having said that, I don’t think they played good cricket,” said Kumble.

Hardik’s former team Gujarat Titans also could not make the play-offs but Kumble praised his successor Shubman Gill for his leadership in first year as captain.

“You can’t really judge (in one season), I thought he was pretty aggressive in his approach when it came to captaincy. He was always looking to take wickets and again for GT unfortunately a couple of injuries didn’t help. Shami was a big miss,” said the former India captain.

Kuldeep will be India’s number one spinner in T20 World Cup ===================================== India have picked four spinners in the T20 World Cup squad with Yuzvendra Chahal making a comeback to be the second wrist spin option alongside Kuldeep Yadav. All-rounder Axar Patel and Ravindra Jadeja also provide spin options.

“I don’t know who will be starting in the first game against Ireland. Kuldeep for sure. I don’t know what the pitch conditions are. I don’t think any Indian team has played in the US other than in Fort Lauderdale. So it all depends on the pitch conditions.

“I guess Kuldeep probably will be the number one spinner in that sense because he’s your wrist spinner. I’m sure there’ll be one wrist spinner who will play,” said Kumble who expects spinners to play a major role in the tournament.

Source: PTI News


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