Rahul Dravid praises the efforts by Team India to reach the WTC Finals

(Cricket News) During an honest discussion with Star Sports on ‘Follow the Blues’, Rahul Dravid, the coach of Team India, candidly discussed the incredible path that brought the Indian cricket team to the World Test Championship final. After investing two years of unwavering commitment and enduring various challenges, the team’s relentless determination has ultimately propelled them to the highest point in the sport. While reflecting on his coaching experience, Dravid also expressed his immense satisfaction in collaborating with an exceptional group of players, fostering deep connections, and observing the progression of both experienced veterans and promising young talents.

In an exclusive interview with Star Sports on ‘Follow the Blues,’ Team India coach Rahul Dravid discussed the team’s efforts to reach the final of the World Test Championship. He expressed his excitement about the players’ return to the game and acknowledged the two years of hard work that led to this momentous opportunity. Throughout the course of multiple test series, the team faced numerous challenges and experienced ups and downs. Dravid believed that the opportunity to play in the final was well-deserved and a testament to the team’s dedication.

During the interview, Dravid also shared his experiences coaching the Indian side and reflected on his journey. He expressed his enjoyment and described the players as a fantastic group to work with, highlighting the strong relationships he has built with them. Dravid found it fulfilling to witness the individual journeys of the players, recognizing their diverse backgrounds and stages in their careers. Given the demands of three different formats and India’s busy cricket schedule, he emphasized the frequent changes in the squad and the excitement of nurturing young talents. Dravid considered the coaching experience a great learning opportunity, not only in terms of developing his coaching skills but also in gaining insights about himself as a person. Overall, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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