Inaugural Asia Open Esports Championship from January

New Delhi, Dec 12 (PTI) Gamers from across 40 countries in Asia and the Middle East will compete in the inaugural Asia Open Esports Championship (Asia Open) to be held from January 30 to March 15 next year.

The inaugural edition, to be held online, will feature four esports titles, including eFootball game and PES. The gamers will be able to compete in three categories — amateurs, mid-core and professionals.

A joint venture between the International Esports Federation (IESF) and India’s Big Bang Media Ventures (BBMVPL), the event will provide gamers with a platform to compete and build communities internationally.

President of the IESF Vlad Marinescu said the event could be taken beyond Asia and the Middle East in the years to come.

“The championship reaffirms our collective commitment to making esports immersive and inclusive and provides every gamer the opportunity to compete with the best. IESF is excited at the possibilities this event could create even beyond the vibrant regions of Asia and the Middle East,” he said in a release.

BBMVPL is owned by Bollywood producer Madhu Mantena and banker Ravneet Gill.

“Gaming is one of the biggest social and cultural mega trends of all times. Asia and the Middle East are two of the most dynamic and passionate esports regions in the world and we want to create a championship environment that is competitive, collaborative, and fun,” said Mantena and Gill in a joint statement.

BBMVPL will also launch multiple large-format tournaments to grow the esports market in partnership with gamers, creators, designers and coders.

Source: PTI News


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