Honda India unveils line-up for Talent Cup

Chennai, Jun 14 (PTI) Mohsin Paramban, who competes in the Asia Road Racing Championship, and young Rakshith S Dave will be followed keenly along with six new riders at the 2024 Honda India Talent Cup, which will kick off here this weekend.

Talent Cup is a platform for nurturing and promoting young racing talent in India and Mohsin made his way to AARC through the series.

A total of 14 young riders will have Honda’s Moto3 machine — the NSF250R — at their disposal in the five-round season with Savion Sabu, Rakshitha S Dave, Jagathishree Kumaresan, Aaron Soni Fernandez, Steve Waugh Sugi and Vignesh Pothu joining the roster.

Rakshitha, who is the elder sister of Rakshith, and Jagathishree are the female riders in the talented bunch.

The other riders in the line-up are Shyam Shundar, AS James, Prakash Kamat, Siddesh Sawant, Beedani Rajendera and Raheesh Khatri.

Source: PTI News


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