Have grown up watching events like these, Harmanpreet Kaur on CWG debut

Bengaluru, Jul 23 (Cricket News) Indian women's cricket team captain Harmanpreet Kaur has "grown up" watching multi-sporting events like the Commonwealth Games and she is already getting goosebumps thinking about the walk she will take with the rest of the contingent at the opening ceremony on July 28.

Women's cricket is making its debut at the Commonwealth Games. “This tournament is very important for us. This time we are playing for a medal. If I speak about myself, we have grown watching these kind of tournaments and we are glad that we are also getting an opportunity, we will be part of a big event.

"I think in the future, if we keep getting these (kind of) opportunities, it will be great for us,” Harmanpreet said at the pre-departure press conference here on Saturday.

Harmanpreet, who has played in the World Cups before, is looking forward to a “different” experience.

“When you were speaking, I actually felt that I am walking on that (CWG) road, because that is what we are talking about and this time we are going to be part of multi-sporting event.

“Now it is not only about cricket but other teams also and we will be there for them to cheer up and we want to celebrate each and every medal. This time it will be totally different and we are all very excited,” she said.

Each game crucial =========== India are clubbed in Group A alongside arch-rivals Pakistan, Australia and Barbados. They open their campaign against Australia on July 29.

“Whenever we play against them (teams like Australia), they have always given us tough competition. And this time also, we are looking very positive. Every game will be crucial for us and we will try to give 100 per cent.” According to Harman, it is important to perform well in big events.

“Yes, as a cricketer, we always want that we want to play more cricket and this year we are getting to participate in a multi-sport event. So, when you go for a big-event it is important to perform well, the more we get such tournaments, it is good for women's cricket.” Harman said she will think about what approach the team will take after seeing the conditions. The team departs on Sunday. “Look, you are speaking about targets (totals), once we reach England, then only we can see. Right now we don't have any idea about the wickets. If you talk about our team, we always love to play positive cricket and that is what we have been doing for a long -time and the approach will be the same,” she added.

Important to have batters who can bowl “….it is very important, when you have so many (bowling) options, the main bowlers do not feel pressure. And if you have more options, than you take off pressure from the bowlers," she added. 

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News Source : PTI


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