Haryana boxers continue domination at Sub Junior Nationals

Greater Noida, Mar 25 (PTI) As many as 16 Haryana boxers cruised to the finals of the 3rd Sub Junior National Championship here on Monday.

For Haryana, Uday Singh led the charge as he outclassed Chhattisgarh’s Giraansh 5-0 in the boy’s 37kg semi-finals.

Along with Uday, 15 more Haryana boxers entered the summit clash, eight each in the boys and girls category.

For boys, Nitin (40kg), Sanchit Jayani (46kg), Ravi Sihag (49kg), Lakshay (52kg), Naman (58kg) Siddhant (61kg) and Anmol Dahiya (64kg) made it to the finals.

Bhoomi (35kg), Nischal Sharma (37kg), Rakhi (43kg), Naitik (52kg), Navya (55kg), Diya (61kg), Sukhreet (64kg) and Manshi Malik (67+kg) were the girl boxers from Haryana to win their semifinals bout.

From Delhi, Ahaana Sharma (49kg) and Yashika (61kg) won against M Nisalini from Tamil Nadu and Priyanka Thapa of Meghalaya with a similar 5-0 scoreline respectively in the girls section.

Siya (37kg) and Akshita Negi (67kg) also clinched victories with split decisions.

Aryan Choudhary (43kg) and Aryaveer (70+kg) made it to the final for Delhi in the boys category with contrasting 4-1 and 5-0 victories over Sikkim’s Sayal Kami and Priyanshu Raj respectively.

For Uttarakhand, Aditya Mehra (35kg), Om Bhandari (67kg), Yash Kapri (70+kg) marched into the boys finals while Deepali Thapa (33kg), Khushi Chand (46kg), Bhumika Basera (55kg) entered finals in the girls category.

Source: PTI News


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